Reduce stress

Chill, enjoy the sunshine. Here are 10 mantras to reduce stress… Keep repeating the ones that work for you to help make life feel a bit less hectic– the more you say ’em, the more you’ll do ’em!

  1. Do a few things well
  2. Day by day, hour by hour
  3. Eat that frog: do the difficult job first thing
  4. Plan! 5 minutes first thing planning the day, 5 minutes at close of play planning tomorrow
  5. Break it up: plan how much time each of the jobs on your list will take, then double it
  6. There’s no such thing as a five-minute job
  7. Be mindful, not mind full
  8. Set an earlier deadline and stick to it
  9. Delegate!
  10. If it takes just a minute to do it, do it right now



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