Resetting your micro biome helps you feel happier

Rebalancing your microbiome (or gut flora) is, as TV doctor Dr Michael Mosely has widely reported in the press and media, the secret to good health – not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Spring is the best time of year to give a gift to your microbiome:  our 21-day Purify programme is a belt-and-braces cleanse and detox to set yourself up for the summer ahed. Not only will it cleanse you physically, it should also give you an emotional boost. 

People who have completed the Purify micro biome reseting programme report report that they feel better in so so many ways, including:

  • feeling clearer headed
  • being less bloated
  • feeling less sluggish
  • having more energy
  • no more cravings or snack attacks
  • flatter stomach
  • less water retention
  • feeling more positive

 Purify microbiome programme

The Purify programme is a system that results in a complete gut reset. Consisting of five products taken over 21 days, it

  • cleanses the digestive system
  • increases liver detoxification for heavy metal detoxification
  • changes the gut PH
  • makes the gut inhospitable to harmful microbes and replaces harmful microbes with healthy probiotics
  • feeds healthy bacteria with prebiotics, so they flourish
  • heals the digestive lining
  • supports immunity, mental clarity & metabolism

21-day programme

To follow the programme you start with a ‘detox week’, removing all tea, coffee, ready-made foods and sweets from your diet. Then for one week you replace breakfast, lunch and morning and afternoon snacks with the Purify products, eating a healthy (non-carb) evening meal as normal. For the rest of the 21 days you continue the supplements but eating as normal.

The five Purify products

  1. Biome DT Cleanses, detoxifies and balances the microbiome. Contains chlorophyll which goes inside the nucleus of each cell and turns on the detoxification system; broccoli; glutamine, which repairs the gut lining; and psylliums, which have bulking and fermentable fibres. Biome DT mops up and detoxifies heavy metals (such as mercury, cadmium and arsenic), taking them to the kidneys to be eliminated. There is increased zinc in this formula which contributes to this process.
  2. Biome Shake Vanilla-flavoured vegetable protein which also has detoxifying properties with microbiome ingredients. Contains amino acids that repair endothelial cells, plus lowers insulin levels to improve overall health and benefit the microbiome.
  3. Biome Actives Contain 3 billion CFUs of bacillus coagulans as well as inulin, a prebiotic that is needed to make probiotics flourish. Both remain stable, even when heated at high temperatures. Biome Actives are not destroyed by stomach acid, unlike some other probiotic formulas.
  4. Proargi-9+ Supports the purification process by ridding the body of ammonia which is a neurotoxin and vital to get rid of. Also supports urea and nitric oxide cycles, to detoxify the whole body.
  5. Body Prime With microbiome ingredients. A magnesium-rich formula with apple and prune fruit to regulate nutrients and electrolytes, and reduce inflammation (in Western carbohydrate-rich diets magnesium absorption is inhibited by gluten sticking to our bowels). Magnesium oxide is the most absorbable form of magnesium which crosses the brain barrier so that it stabilises mood and brain function. This is also a hormone balancer, beneficial to the nervous system and helps stabilise blood sugar.

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