Benefits of pilates for core strength, toning, flexility and the feel-good factor

We’re so pleased to offer pilates at The Hub. It’s just SO beneficial in so many ways. Here are 5 reasons it should be part of everyone’s life – not least those who sit at a desk all day…

  1. ⁠Pilates brings positive realignment of the spine and body, allowing you to connect with your body and be aware of your posture on a day-to-day basis. ⁠
  2. It strengthens your core, the route to a strong, flexible, healthy body. ⁠
  3. It trains you to breathe correctly – without correct breathing you’re just not able to operate to maximum capacity.
  4. It strengthens your overall body, giving extra love and care to those neglected weaker parts like wrists and ankles
  5. It generates and releases endorphins, our feel-good hormones, which means the well-being effect of the lesson ripples throughout your mind and body and continues beyond it.  ⁠

Rebecca Marr, our pilates instructor, has been teaching pilates for nearly 15 years and throughout this time has heavily focused on women’s physical and emotional well-being. Join us on Thursday mornings at 9am to reap the benefits of pilates with Rebecca Marr.⁠ 

To book your place simply head to the next Thursday on our schedule, or give us a call on 01590 670955. No need to pay your £10 in advance, simply on the day direct to Rebecca.