Mother's love illustrated by a swan with her babies on her back

Remember a time when your mum went above and beyond? A time when she hugged you through an illness or after a nightmare, coaxed you through fear and loathing before a big event, praised a drawing that was utterly rubbish?! Maybe a moment of hilarity or fun that has a special place in your memory. Well, now’s payback time: show her you remember and cherish those times with a Mother’s Day gift from The Hub.

Red rose for Mother's DayOUR TREATMENTS

Whatever your mum’s personality and whatever’s going on for her right now, she’s bound to appreciate some TLC. Perhaps she’s had a tough time of late, or needs an hour’s down time from some serious life juggling, or she’s for ever doing you favours but never seems to make time for herself?

‘Relaxing’, ‘de-stressing’, ‘restorative’ ‘revitalising’, ‘energising’… these are just some of the verdicts people give in their feedback after treatments at The Hub

Here are the options to choose from for Mother’s Day:


AromaTouch is a delicious treat using purest ultra-special DoTerra essential oils. One by one, in a strict sequence specially developed to give you max benefit from these potent aromas, Juanita drips eight of DoTerra’s ultra-concentrated oils onto your spine, then slowly strokes them over your back. A combination of this careful sequence and the sheer power of these essential oils guarantees deep healing as well as relaxation. Oh, and feet get a treat too.

******* Bargain price: £50 for an hour’s AromaTouch ******

Reiki treatmentReiki is a profound relaxation treatment that works on balancing your ‘chakras’ – the body’s energy centres which can be likened to depleted batteries that need charging. So this is the ideal therapy for the mum who has difficulty switching off, never sits still or complains of never being able to turn off the ‘brain chatter’. Oh, boy, do you feel like a new woman after Katharine has balanced your chakras – this is a therapy that works on mind, body and spirit.

*** Special offer: £10 off your first reiki treatment *****

ReflexologyReflexology is a foot massage that’s oh so much deeper than merely a foot massage. With every point on the feet linked to an organ or body area, you’re getting a whole body tuning through the 7,000-plus pressure points on the sole of your foot. The gentle massaging stimulates movement of energy along your nerve channels, unblocking stagnant areas, detoxing and boosting the body’s own healing mechanisms. No wonder people report feeling less fatigued, less anxious and less stressed – altogether more balanced and at one with the world – after reflexology with Ally.

****** £45 for an hour’s reflexology treatment ******


Facial reflexology with natural face-life So you’ve heard of foot reflexology, but how’s about treating mum to facial reflexology? The face is rich in reflex point, just like the feet. Ally gently, gently ripples over every nook and cranny around the face, stimulating those reflex points and massaging where you need extra focus. The result is so utterly nurturing. Plus Ally uses the ultra-deluxe Zone Facelift Facial Elixir, winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018, an anti-ageing elixir that contains amethyst crystal and medicinal plants used by shaman and Native American healers, along with a myriad magical ingredients to rejuvenate the skin naturally. The effect: you look and feel a whole lot less wrinkly!

*** SPECIAL OFFER: £10 off the first facial reflexology with natural face-lift ***

Thai yoga massage with Shelley EdwardsThai yoga massage This lovely holistic process is a massage like no other, combining acupressure massage, gentle stretching and applied yoga – you’re fully clothed and all that’s required is you let Shelley massage, bend and stretch you into deep relaxation. Not only is it hugely beneficial for both giver and receiver, as it releases energy blockages and deep healing occurs while you’re in a state of relaxed meditation… it’s blissfully relaxing and de-stressing.

*************** £60 for an hour’s massage ********************

Nurturing nailsNurturing nails Our all-natural, non-chemical manicures and pedicures are toxin-free territory. Free from all the nasties contained in many nail varnishes and beauty products, Elizabeth’s treatments are both kind to the body and kind to the environment.

**** SPECIAL OFFER: half-price pedicure (£19) if you book a manicure for mum (£30) *****



BeWater crystal water bottlesCrystal water bottles And now for something completely original… Forget flowers and chocolates, be a gem to your mum with a BeWater bottle. These glass water bottles have a crystal sparkling within. Placing gemstones in or around water is a practice that has its roots stretching back thousands of years, and many swear by crystals changing the structure and taste of the water. Each crystal combination has its own healing properties, and the names of the four categories of bottle say it all: BeLove, BePowerful, BeJoyful and BeMagical. So choose the crystal that’s just right for your ma.

***** FROM £28.95 ******

Pure Wight natural candles infused with essential oilsCandles From fresh and zesty, to herbal, to comforting and homey, mum will love the gorgeous natural scents of these candles which are infused with pure essential oils and made on the Isle of Wight, by Pure Wight. Choose between Lime & Lemongrass, Lavender & Lemon, Geranium & Orange, Rosemary & Bay, Cinnamon, Orange & Clove, in travel tins or pretty boxes.

********* Travel tins £8.50, boxed candles £9.50 or £17 ************

Essential oils DoTerra essential oils are a world apart. Unadulterated, 100% pure, so refined many of them can be taken internally. You’ll be amazed what a pure oil smells like: think fields of lavender rather than whiff of room freshener! Many of the oil combos DoTerra make have a lovely emotional connotation, with oils blended to Cheer or to Console perhaps. Or maybe if you’re in mum’s bad books there’s Forgive?!

Whisper oil from DoTerra, tailormade for womenWhisper Mother’s Day star buy from DoTerra is Whisper: a complex and diverse blend that’s quintessentially feminine, premium quality and guaranteed to make her feel loved. Combining two of the most popular floral scents in the perfume and aromatherapy industries, jasmine and ylang ylang, for a euphoric kick, with the warm and spicy scents of patchouli, vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa, it is a heady yet gentle infusion. Add in powerful and dynamic scents such as rose, Hawaiian sandalwood and bergamot, and you will gather that this is something really special. What makes it unique for every individual is that it mingles with your chemistry to create a personal fragrance that is both beautiful and enticing – plus it’s calming on the emotions. No surprise that many women use Whisper as a perfume…

**** Limited-edition Mother’s Day price: reduced from £33.67 to £26 ******

Dr's Remedy nail polishesAll-natural nail polishes Just as durable and easy to apply as standard nail varnishes but without all the toxic rubbish. Dr’s Remedy polishes are not only chemical-free, they’re enriched with organic essential oils, anti-fungal garlic and tea tree and antioxidants so your nails are being hydrated and nourished (instead of forming an inert layer that could be storing up germs and other nasties). In shades that range from fab and modern, to subtle and classic, to party perfect, there’s something for everyone – with the extra bonus you know it’s being kind to mum’s body and nails.


The Natural Hub voucherVOUCHERS

Our vouchers can be for the therapy mum deserves or the price you’d like to indulge her with. Either pop in to buy or you can pay over the phone and we’ll put a voucher in the post for you.

********* If you are unable to make it to The Natural Health Hub, just give us a call and we can take payment over the phone and will post out your voucher or products no extra charge ********************