Resilience in pandemic times

Feeling discombobulated? Who isn’t right now! Neena Saith, our pranic healing practitioner, offers some valuable advice on how to build resilience in this emotional rollercoaster of a year. Neena is offering free consultations to teachers and NHS workers

Since starting at the Natural Health Hub in October it has become very clear to me that so many people have been knocked for six by the emotional rollercoaster that the pandemic has bought about. On top of the usual ups and downs that life so often brings, we’ve been faced with a whole new level of change and uncertainty – two ingredients that are rife for creating large amounts of stress and worry. Many people are reporting feeling demotivated and tired which can be a direct result of the build-up of negative emotions over time.

There is no greater time to be showing kindness to yourself and seeking out activities that will make you feel good to help release stress. It is well known that stress can weaken your immune system and be the root cause of many physical ailments. Eating well, exercising, yoga, meditation, being with people you love, spending time in nature – all brilliant activities that may help you release stress. However, sometimes stress energy can get stuck and needs a little help to release.

By understanding that stress is an energy that we create depending on our reaction to a situation you can start to realise that by changing your response you can reduce and limit the amount of stress energy that we store within our system

A common ‘side effect’ of a pranic healing treatment is responding less to things that might ‘normally’ trigger you. This is because pranic healing therapy helps to remove large amounts of stress energy from the body that has built up over time, helping to restore a sense of inner peace and calm. In turn you can see life more clearly and your energy levels and motivation will rise.

Who knows what life will bring in 2021. The best preparation you can do is to build physical, emotional and mental resilience so you’re able to cope with whatever comes your way. I’ve personally found my own resilience to life increase dramatically since discovering pranic healing and I’m keen to help others at The Hub find that resilience within them.


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