Gut health reboot challenge

Here’s some of the feedback Nikki Robertson, our holistic nutritionist, received from people who took part in January’s Gut Health Reboot challenge. It’s still not too late to join her challenge starting on 1 February – go on… if cooking’s become a chore and eating healthily gone out the window, then this is just right for you. It’s just five days of eating well, no fasting. Here’s how to get yourself out of a lockdown low – and maybe even lose a bit of weight!

Thanks, Nikki, we really enjoyed the challenge. Loved it, got me back on track with healthy eating. Libby, my daughter, especially as she lost 6lb and is very proud of herself sticking to it. I had no major problems with my blood control and would recommend any diabetic wanting to do it as long as they are checking their bloods regularly and are able to reset their insulin intake confidently. For low blood sugar levels l would recommend the dates and banana as they worked a treat for me. Susan, Dundee

Thought it was great – loads of energy today making soup and buying healthy stuff for next week really got me back on track. Fiona, Dundee

I feel so much better in myself and lots of energy, and to top it off I have lost 3.5lb this week. Zoe, New Milton

Thanks, Nikki, you definitely gave me the kickstart I needed this year. Thank you for encouraging me to try new recipes. Surprised myself! Julie, Aberdeen

Thanks for all your efforts, Nik. The 5-day experience was great, very easy to follow and to top it all: I lost 3kg! Jim, Portlethen

I learned lots from you, Nikki, in summer but I’ve learnt even more now… Thank you for everything you put into the challenge. What was incredible for me is still no sugar intake for my tea since Monday 4 Jan. And also recognising I don’t need to snack much between meals if I have taken in the right nutrition and am chewing more! And finally it doesn’t hurt to go a little hungry! Hope I will get some weight off at some point too. This challenge did not affect me in any way, like getting headaches – I just missed salt for three days and yogurt. But by the way I have started eating much less bread.

I found it easy to follow the gut health challenge. I really liked the support you were giving all of us and of course the photos and comments from people made you feel you were not alone. That challenge disciplined me, to be honest. Isil, Hordle

Thank you for the motivation to get some proper healthy foods in my system and I look forward to keeping up the new eating habits. Jan, Lyndhurst

I really enjoyed the gut health challenge.  Nikki’s delicious recipes and wonderful support made it enjoyable and easy to stick to rather than a challenge.  Suffering from acid reflux this was perfect, and I felt great afterwards.  Highly recommend! Melissa, Pennington

For details of the 5-day Gut Reboot challenge click here

To join simply email Nikki on [email protected] by 29 January



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