Gut health cleanse

Our 5-day gut health cleanse is the perfect antidote to lockdown. Clear your gut of the excesses of the festive season, and re-energise your micro biome and whole system. Your body will thank you – both physically and mentally! No dieting, no fasting, just follow our nutritionist’s FREE healthy eating programme for five days

Developed by our holistic nutritionist Nikki Robertson, the 5-day gut cleanse involves a 3-day cleanse followed by 2 days of super-healthy eating. No fasting required, just nourishing foods to leave you feeling refreshed and ease the guilt of extra eating over Christmas and bad habits you may have slipped into over this past nine months of lockdown and restrictions. This is a much better way of giving your body a New Year reset than going on a diet.
As it only lasts five days it’s easily achievable – Nikki has collated your meal plans and recipes for every day, all you have to do is be prepared in advance, shopping for all the ingredients.

Reasons to do the gut health cleanse

Our gut health dictates not only our immunity, but also our mental health. An imbalance in our gut flora can lead to all sorts of health disturbances, from bowel issues to skin problems to fatigue. It could even be one of the reasons you feel overly anxious. Here are just some of the reasons to join Nikki’s gut health cleanse:

  • You feel gassy or bloated
  • You’re tired and sluggish
  • You have frequent headaches
  • You suffer from mood swings and irritability
  • Your skin breaks out regularly
  • You simply want a whole body makeover

This programme can help you put the brakes on what is happening with your body right now, giving your system a time-out from your usual habits and allowing your gut the nourishment it deserves. Expect to feel ‘cleaner’ and have more energy and vitality after just five days


Start date: Monday 1 February

Prizes: This is a FREE programme with a prize draw for a 30-minute gut health consultation and a kombucha starter kit.

Advice and tips: Nikki provides lots of guidelines on how to follow the programme, including daily tips and advice in a private Facebook group. She’ll support you all the way through.

To join: email Nikki on [email protected] and she will send you all the details


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