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Weight loss and dieting programme under the guidance of a weight loss coach/mentor

Rewire your brain to lose weight for keeps

Determined to get slimmer after a summer of indulgence? Set yourself a weight target by the end of the year? For ever trying to lose weight but it never stays off? Find the whole weight loss thing just too depressing – it’s simply too damned difficult? Are you craving to have a more positive attitude (…)

Good intentions NOT to make in September

September is a time when it’s great to review and refocus. Weather cooling down, nights drawing in, kids back to school. It’s a bit like a New Year – but without all the tinsel and palaver. Yes, it’s the ideal point in the calendar for setting yourself a target to get losing weight, but hold it (…)


September: time for setting new intentions

Too much ice cream over summer? Too much rosé? Too many BBQs? Feeling sluggish in your energy, your mind, your bowels and your skin? September’s the perfect time to put some good intentions into practice to set you up for autumn and winter Refocus, rebalance and restore vitality The Hub’s naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple gives you five simple (…)

Himalayan pink salt is rich in nutrients

15 healthier food swaps

Our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple gives her top simple swaps that will make a big difference to your diet. Here’s your starter for 15 to add more nutrients to your food… no elaborate preparations or recipes, just a few no-fuss changes to your shopping list! Swap white pasta for wheat-free pasta, rice pasta, rice noodles, (…)

Benefits of making sure your gut flora is healthy

4 reasons to keep your gut squeaky healthy

The health of your gut is the key to your overall health. The Hub’s naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple gives the lowdown on gut health, including how to spot if your gut’s not working well, what to do about it – and how you could turn get your microbiome (gut flora) squeaky healthy in just two (…)

Fending off dementia

Menopause is NOT an illness!

The headlines that scientists are now offering women a ‘procedure’ that could delay the menopause for 20 years is giving the owner of The Hub hot flushes!! Menopause is not an illness, to be suppressed or delayed. It is simply a transition all women go through from having periods to not having periods The medical (…)

Woman with a thought bubble who is learning to reinvent herself through NLP

Imagine being a better you…?

Bored? Lost your mojo? Unfulfilled? Feeling stuck in life, a job or a relationship? Frustrated or angry but feel powerless to change a situation? Craving a new challenge but too scared to forge ahead? Always full of good intentions… but never quite get round to them? Make NLP the roadmap to a new you! Neurolinguistic (…)

Choosing the right probiotics for your symptoms is crucial. Not all probiotics are the same

Probiotic myths: all probiotics do the same

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re passionate about probiotics at The Hub! The health of the bacteria that lives in our guts (our micro biome) is crucial to our overall health. If that’s out of balance or depleted – and for the vast majority of the population that is the case – then you’ll be (…)

Woman doing yoga on the beach with the word namaste written in the sand at her feet

Start the day the yoga way

Pleased to tell you that come September we will have yoga for you first thing at The Hub five days a week! We’ve got three new yoga instructors joining our successful team, so there’s some serious yogic peace at your disposal to set you up for the day ahead. From fitness yoga for those who want (…)

The homeopathic remedy pulsatilla, made from the pasque flower

Pulsatilla: tearful tots, tetchy teens, melancholy menopause

Pulsatilla is one of the most versatile homeopathic remedies. Fantastic for children, especially when they’re feeling clingy or if they’re gentle souls who’re easily reduced to tears. It will be particularly useful come September for kids clinging to your skirt tails sobbing at the school gate – as well as for you when you get (…)

homeopathic remedy lotus, bringer of universal peace and calm

The meaning of ‘OM’

How often have you chanted ‘om’ at the end of a yoga class without realising what it means? Clare Collins, one of our yoga instructors, has introduced us to a great book about yoga that we just have to share with you! Each week through summer she has been reading us extracts from Myths of the (…)

family laughter protection holidays summer


When the children break up from school it finally seems like summer has arrived – nothing quite like the sound of kids’ laughter as they play outdoors to say hello to the holidays. Fingers crossed we continue with this good run of fabulous weather! Whether it’s staycation or vacation for you this year, we’ve got (…)

Nurturing the Fire Element

Nurture body and mind through summer

Have you recently started struggling with palpitations, dizziness or lightheadedness, rosacea, hot flushes, panic attacks, a heavy sensation on the chest area or restlessness, insomnia or feelings of being burnt out? If so, it’s highly likely your body’s suffering from a seasonal imbalance – and you need to nurture your Fire Element. Here’s our naturopathic (…)

Pregnant couple holding hands

Hypnosis to help you through childbirth

Hypnobirthing is a really valuable way of preparing yourself for labour and childbirth. It means you’ll be fully prepared (however the birth goes…), in control – and most certainly less fearful. And partners have an active role through the birthing process. Serena Williams of Bump and Glide is The Hub’s hypnobirthing expert, a passionate advocate of (…)

sound therapy

The benefits of sound therapy

Do you use music to slow down and relax? Put on something classical to help you concentrate? If so, you’re on the right track. Studies prove that sound can be deeply healing – particularly sound therapy and sound baths. Which is why most of our staff make Sonja’s monthly sound bath a firm diary fixture (…)

Probiotics Do Not Need Enteric Coating

Probiotics myths: probiotics need a coating to reach the gut

There is a lot of mythology bandied around about probiotics – and one of the biggest misconceptions is that many are destroyed by the acid in our stomachs so they don’t reach the intestines to do their work. The assumption is that a good-quality probiotic needs a special coating to ensure its transition to the (…)

Releasing pain with polarity therapy

Is pain holding you back in life?

Jane Seaman describes how releasing pain with polarity therapy could enable you to have a whole new lease of life, get fresh energy – possibly even make some big changes or kickstart a new life Pain is insidious. It can take over your life. Physical pain clouds your emotions, emotional pain eventually manifests somewhere physically (…)

Avoid chemicals in nail varnish

Get your toes out, girls! Harmlessly…

It’s that time of year at last, with the sun out and licence to air your toes. But did you know that every time you coat your nails in polish you’re actually giving your body a dose of toxicity? You may avoid eating ready-made food, preservatives and additives… try not to take drugs… shun weedkillers (…)

It is advisable to take probiotics at the same time as antibiotics

Probiotics myths: Don’t take probiotics while on antibiotics

For a long time it was considered a waste of money to take probiotics while on antibiotics. Now that’s no longer the case: taking a good-quality probiotic alongside antibiotics can help reduce the risk of antibiotic side-effects Probiotics are bacteria (apart from S. boulardii), which means they’re susceptible to being killed by antibiotics. So it (…)

How to nurture your Wood Element, the Traditional Chinese Element that is strongest in spring

Naturopathic support for spring

Have you recently started struggling with migraines, sinus issues, eye pain, liver problems, painful or heavy periods, skin rashes or acne, muscle cramps or pains in your joints? Odds are you’re suffering from a seasonal imbalance – here’s our naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple’s advice on the support your body needs at this time of year (…)