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Relaxed happy woman on swing swinging with gay abandon

Mindful steps to making yourself happier

Helping people live a happier, more fulfilled life is at the core of what we’re all about here at The Natural Health Hub. Achieving happiness is a matter of looking after yourself emotionally, physically and, we reckon, spiritually. Here are suggestions from Sue Leach, owner of The Hub, on steps you can take to think (…)

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Physical steps to making yourself happier

Your happiness is in your hands – that’s what we firmly believe at The Natural Health Hub. But it takes work to stay happy… here are suggestions from Sue Leach, owner of The Hub, on steps you can take physically to bring more happiness into your life Feeling low at the moment? Life throwing all (…)

Woman on a beach in a happy mindful bubble

Spiritual steps to making yourself happier

Happiness is not only a matter of looking after yourself emotionally and physically. Research shows that true happiness lies also in a further dimension: nurturing yourself spiritually. For us spiritual is nothing to do with religion, or connecting with ‘spirits’… in our book it is about reaching deeper than the day-to-day, having elements in your life (…)

Healthy bacteria, known as probiotics, within the gut

Probiotic myths: the best probiotics are kept in the fridge

The belief that the best probiotics are those that need to be refrigerated is now old hat. There are few reasons why refrigeration is necessary for a probiotic nowadays because freeze drying techniques have been improved, plus new more robust strains of probiotic have been discovered through the intensive R&D that has gone into the (…)

Resetting your micro biome helps you feel happier

Reset your microbiome for spring

Rebalancing your microbiome (or gut flora) is, as TV doctor Dr Michael Mosely has widely reported in the press and media, the secret to good health – not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Spring is the best time of year to give a gift to your microbiome:  our 21-day Purify programme is a belt-and-braces (…)

X-ray of healthy kidneys

Give your kidneys some TLC for spring

Polarity therapist Jane Seaman explains why the kidneys are so important for our overall health and recommends you give them some extra love for spring. Here’s why… Do you have an achy lower back? Are you feeling tired all the time? Do you find it hard to make clear judgements? Are you feeling the effects of (…)

Beginners' yoga class

Yoga could ease pressure on the NHS

Yoga is at last being recognised by the NHS. We at The Hub know of course about yoga’s profound health and well-being benefits – and have been banging on about them since we launched! Here’s what we’ve said in the past: that it is so beneficial that yoga should be on the NHS, and would (…)

Sue Leach in New Forest

Why I love my job. By owner of The Hub Sue Leach

The Natural Health Hub’s homeopath Sue Leach shares her passion for homeopathy and for complementary health I have been a homeopath for 15 years and I am still, at times, blown away by its power. Sometimes someone comes for an appointment visibly, palpably looking and feeling a whole new person. A fresh spring in their (…)

Heart health

Getting to the heart of the matter

Doctors have just announced what complementary practitioners have long observed: that self-medicating with aspirin in the belief that it will help prevent heart disease is counterproductive. Aspirin may indeed benefit those with heart conditions or at high risk of stroke by thinning the blood, but these benefits are often outweighed by the fact that the (…)

Spring flowers and magnolia

Hay fever sufferers, beware: spring is coming early!

The coming weeks are predicted to be the mildest on record for this time of year. Which means gardens are going into bloom earlier. Seasonal flowers – including witch hazel, viburnums, shrubby honeysuckles, magnolia and Edgeworthia – will be flowering larger and more profusely as a result of last year’s hot, sunny summer and the (…)

angela keen yoga therapy sleep workshop

Sleep loss is a pain – literally!

Poor sleep can heighten our sensitivity to pain, new research has confirmed. When scientists at the University of California subjected 25 volunteers to pain after sleep deprivation they reported feeling the pain sooner. The 25 young participants had uncomfortable levels of heat applied to their legs and, rating their pain on a scale of one (…)

Woman holding her back in pain

Non-drug alternatives to painkillers

Britons are taking too many painkillers. Shock research by The Sunday Times has revealed that Brits ‘are in the grip of an opioid epidemic’ – even the British Medical Association has used these words. There has been a huge rise in prescriptions of the most powerful painkillers, soaring addiction rates, and even overdoses and deaths. (…)

Probiotic capsules and bottle

Probiotic myths: the more billions of bacteria the better

In today’s society we are bombarded by the marketing message that more is better – not least the message that the more billions of bacteria in a probiotic the more powerful it will be. But when it comes to probiotics this is definitely not necessarily so. In fact, the quality of the probiotic strain or (…)

Natural remedy for hayfever sufferers with itchy eyes

Homeopathy for hay fever: our success stories

While most of us are enjoying the spring air and rise in temperatures, this respite from rain and winter chills means the trees are budding more quickly – and that means hay fever will begin to strike earlier. Please spread the word: homeopathy really can crack your hay fever. That’s crack it rather than merely (…)

Huge waterfall illustrating The Water Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Naturopathic seasonal support for your Water Element

The Hub’s naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple describes the benefits and joy of nurturing your Water Element at this time of year   The Water Element: 21 December-20 March As a naturopathic nutritionist I follow the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system of The Five Elements which bring balance to our mind, body, emotions and spirit. They work (…)

Writing your goals for 2019

It’s not too late to set goals for 2019!

Yes, we know it’s a month since the start of the new year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make some positive resolutions! Eighty per cent of people have already failed to do any of their resolutions by now anyway. Our polarity therapist Jane Seaman offers some inspiration on changing the path of (…)

Squash soup with spices to boost energy in winter

How to boost your energy naturally through winter

Feeling weary, sluggish and low? Does this time of year make you want to duvet dive and make it all go away? Rhi Hepple offers a naturopathic guide on how to stay positive and boost your energy through this cold weather Energetically winter is slow and heavy – but in fact there is a whole (…)

Woman showing a positive frame of mind

Think positive and you’ll get healthier

A positive state of mind is one of the first rules of good health. Our polarity therapist Jane Seaman explains how to break the cycle of negative thoughts to live a healthier life The science of polarity therapy is founded on spiritual principles that exist throughout our lives, principles that operate no matter how unaware of (…)


Declutter your life: our four-week challenge!

Clutter is bad for you… it saps your energy, wastes your time and makes for extra stress in life. Polarity therapist Jane Seaman explains how and offers you help in achieving balance in your life in the form of a four-week challenge to declutter your environment and your head I was in the Army many years (…)

Writing your New Year resolutions

Objective > Gameplan > Execution

Rod Davis knows a thing or two about motivating people. As well as being a world-class sailor himself he has coached many sailors to Olympic success. Here are his thoughts on how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals: it doesn’t matter if you want to be get to the Olympics, shed a few kilos, or (…)