Cypress essential oil from DoTerra

Perfect for the cold winter months, cypress has been well known for its therapeutic benefits throughout history, going as far back as the time of the Ancient Greeks. The physician Hippocrates, regarded as the ‘father of medicine’, is said to have used cypress oil in his bath to support healthy circulation, and Greek physicians would…

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Lemon essential oil

Every month our reflexologist Ally Brown chooses an essential oil that’s right for the time of year. This month, as we move into the mists and damp of autumn and can feel a bit glum, she has chosen lemon oil At this time of year many people can start to sink into the darker days,…

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angela keen yoga therapy sleep workshop

So we’re all led to believe it’s good to get eight hours’ sleep a night. Here’s an important reason why… And if you’re having trouble dropping off we give our recommendations on some natural alternatives to sleeping pills   [swpm_protected for=”4″ format_protected_msg=”1”] Poor sleep can heighten our sensitivity to pain, new research has confirmed. When…

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Why your choice of nail care matters: natural chemical-free and toxin-free nail polishes from Dr.'s Remedy

So you avoid eating ready-made food, preservatives and additives… you don’t like taking drugs… you shun weedkillers and chemicals in your garden. Yet you never think twice about coating your toenails in nail varnish. Here’s why your choice of nail care matters… Nail polish typically contains a cocktail of chemicals that were actually quite a…

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