Geranium essential oil

For April Rebecca has chosen the essential oil geranium. The warm, expansive scent of this oil can provide not only a brilliant detox, enabling us to let go both physically and emotionally, it is also a heart chakra oil that helps you weather deep heartbreak and access compassion for yourself and self-love… Geraniums are grown…

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Increase your vitality to be carefree and active like a dog

Just about all of us got into some bad habits just to cope through the weird last five months. Continuing our theme of September being the new New Year, here are some ways to refocus, rebalance and restore your vitality after lockdown  Want to read the full article? Sign up here to The Daily Dose…

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The art of contentedness is living in harmony

How content are you? Being content is definitely a daily skill – and probably taking a bit of work right now for you! According to Mahatma Ghandi, ‘Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.’ Here are some simple tips on living in harmony by practising the…

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Candle lit ready for Jane Seaman's meditating on the colour orange

Make yourself comfy and light a candle for the third in Jane Seaman’s guided meditations for beginners. This time Jane’s focus is meditating on the colour orange. [swpm_protected for=”4″ format_protected_msg=”1”] In this seven-minute meditation Jane’s soothing voice encourages us to relax by visualising a warm, rich orange colour spreading slowly all around your body.  For…

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cleansing home

Our home should be our castle… our sanctuary… our safe place. It so important that where we live makes us feel safe, happy and comfortable in our surroundings. In fact, making it a positive living space, no matter how big or small, is key to optimising our health and well-being. At a time when the…

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How important is sleep to our health?

In the New Year the temptation is to get doing. Clear, sort, organise, go for it, get things done, make lists and then feel fried or guilty when we’ve not managed to work through them… But, says our polarity therapist and meditation teacher Jane Seaman, all that frenetic activity goes against the natural rhythms of…

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