Microbz Bio-Live Resilience

Microbz Bio-Live Resilience is a living fermented liquid with 15 families of bio-live active cultures (probiotics), echinacea and herbs designed to support a healthy immune system – perfect to take to protect your immunity and for the onset of ailments. 100% natural and chemical free, this potent liquare hand brewed in Wiltshire by a dedicated…

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Rhi Hepple , our naturopathic nutritionist, outlines the benefits of colloidal silver, recommending that everyone should have some in their first aid kit. This magic liquid is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and antiseptic, a perfect alternative to taking antibiotics. [swpm_protected for=”4″ format_protected_msg=”1″] Colloidal silver is a really handy natural product for your first-aid kit. It can…

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