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Practitioner: Rebecca Marr

Cost: £50 for a 50-minute treatment (CASH, CHEQUE or BACS only)

Availability: Tuesdays and Fridays - use the booking system below or call us on 01590 670955

In the truest sense of the word crystal reiki healing is a treat-ment. Giving reiki is considered a wonderful gift, crystal healing a beautiful sparkling practice. Add these together and you discover a cosmic healing experience.

Reiki has its roots from several sources, including Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese and Japanese Shamanism. However, the practice of reiki as we know it was founded in Japan by Mikao Usui (1865-1926), who was also known as Doctor Usui or Usui Sensei. He discovered reiki in March 1922 during a mystical experience while on a spiritual retreat on Mount Kurama. The word reiki is formed from the Japanese word’s rei meaning ‘universal’ and ki meaning ‘life force energy’.

Reiki has an amazing ability to both relax and energise you at the same time. It brings stillness to your mind and washes away your worries. But it is when you add reiki to your individual spiritual journey, your unique path through life, that the true secret is discovered. Usui Sensei described this as ‘the secret art of happiness’, and this is perhaps the greatest benefit of reiki.

Why crystal reiki?

Even the earliest civilisations have used crystals as part of healing therapies. Crystals have been used to generate energy and enhance communication as well as talismans for peace and well-being. The use of crystals is included in stories and cultural traditions throughout history around the world.

Crystals are tangible forms of energy. Although they are beautiful objects that we can hold, they also hold powerful energetic vibrations that can be sensed.

Through interacting with your energy system, your aura and your chakras (energy hotspots in your body), crystals bring balance to the cells in your body, your emotions, your mind, your thoughts and your senses. They help to relieve stress and bring you back to a place of stability and happiness.

Crystals are extremely transformative and are especially receptive to reiki. They hold reiki and enhance it, magnifying its effects and generously passing them on. You could say the crystal/reiki partnership is a match made in heaven – truly blessed. Crystals can focus, store, transmit and transmute reiki for beneficial healing and energising results and, as a generalisation, both crystal energy and reiki work best when focused through the chakras.

Because these areas have more energy that other parts, chakras are the easiest place for your body to exchange energy with the outside world and it is where we have the main interchange of energy with our aura, the energy field that surrounds us. Energy flows from the outside world into our aura and we are continually sensing energies in our surroundings. This energy flows through our chakras into our body where energetic information is processed, producing feelings and emotional responses within us.

The presence of reiki energy amplifies the energy of the crystals and helps the bodymind of the recipient focus on specific areas of the body, conditions or levels of awareness that are ready to heal. In a crystal reiki session, reiki energy is coming from above through the therapists' crown chakra while the crystals used in the session bring in grounding energy from the earth. Together these energies work seamlessly.

Crystal body & facial massage

Rebecca now also offers crystal body and facial massage

There are many benefits of crystal massage which can be used to enhance a person’s overall health and well-being. Crystal massage is wonderfully relaxing, it calms the mind, eases stress and anxiety and leaves you with a deep sense of peace. It is not a traditional massage for the muscles and soft tissue; however, it does relax and release and tones muscles and in turn, slows the ageing process. It is also a balancing massage for the subtle bodies, aura, and spirit.

Circulation is improved from being gently stimulated by the crystal as it touches the skin, which also feels incredibly nurturing and aids the elimination of stress and anxiety. Crystal massage is incredibly uplifting in an energetic way as it lightens the area of the body it is used on as well as releasing excess energy and reducing pain.



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