Practitioner: Tracey-Lee Glasspool


Aromatherapy massage

Cost: £45 (60 minutes)

Essential oils are blended to enhance the heal­ing properties of this massage. Depending on the individual’s needs, this treatment can be used to invigorate, relax, balance or renew, as well as help with ailments such as anxiety, sleep issues, breathing problems or depression. This treatment helps naturally restore general well-being.

Holistic massage

Cost £45 (60 minutes)

This massage is a personal blend of all the other techniques that Tracey uses, with deep tissue and lymphatic massage to increase circulation and release muscular tension combined with pressure points and meridians to release any blockages of energy flow. Reiki healing is also added to en­hance this treatment.

This fusion of therapies blends together to leave you feeling relaxed yet revitalised.

Thai massage

Cost: £45 (60 minutes)

A deeper, more focused treatment is given during this massage using body weight and stretching techniques. This helps mobility in the joints and eliminates fatigue and tension. Alongside these movements pressure points are used to unblock energy flow through meridians (energy channels that run throughout the body), leaving you feeling more balanced and refreshed.

Bamboo massage

Cost: £55 (75 minutes)

This treatment is carried out using warm bamboo sticks to stretch and relax the muscles and give a more intensive massage. These natural tools help give a rhythmic massage promoting circulation and releasing tension, giving a more relaxed experience.

Hot stone massage

Cost: £55 (75 minutes)

Basalt stones are used to give a deep tissue treat­ment and help relax and gently stretch and release tension in the muscles. Once heated they hold their temperature, helping to expand blood vessels and encourage bloodflow. This treatment is ideal for alleviating stress, aiding the nervous system and enhancing mental clarity.

Hot candle massage

Cost £55 (75 minutes)

Candles made from natural soy bean wax and a blend of essential oils are heated to perform this indulgent massage. The wax is specially formulated so that it does not burn, with the warmth providing an even deeper sense of relaxation to this massage.

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