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I came to homeopathy 21 years ago when my daughter was nine months old and I had mastitis. An NCT friend suggested homeopathic remedies and, well, I’ve never looked back – boob went from concrete solid, red hot raw and so painful I didn’t want my poor child near it to back in action within a day. First I was intrigued but sceptical, then I began to experiment with day-to-day remedies, then after seeing a homeopath I was a convert.

Since then homeopathy has navigated me in sickness and in health, through some great life triumphs, plus divorce, a major career change and bringing up a child on my own for a while. I am proud to say that my daughter never took antibiotics until she was 20 – then, hey ho, she was out of my clutches at university…

Sometimes my homeopath’s prescriptions have given me such an emotional boost that I’ve felt like a whole new person; recently, for instance, I’ve acquired a new drive and focus, able to take on way more, and The Natural Health Hub is the result. I believe homeopathy has also been a powerful preventive force in maintaining good physical health.

I graduated as a homeopath in 2004 from the College of Practical Homeopathy ( in London. There I was trained not only in classical homeopathy but also in methodologies that enable me to take a flexible, realistic approach to the types of illnesses that we encounter today and the quality of life we expect. I specialise in women, children and babies, often work alongside conventional drugs, and may also use herbs and flower essences.

I also belong to a pioneering group of homeopaths who are responsible for expanding our repertoire with new remedies specifically suited to the tough, complex demands of the 21st century.

Before training as a homeopath I was a freelance journalist and editor, specialising in women’s health and emotional issues.

Sue Leach MA LCPH