Rebecca Marr, reiki

Rebecca Marr

Reiki & Crystal Healing

Rebecca, a Master Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healing Therapist, is a nurturer and healer with a strong desire to guide others towards reaching a powerful state of being of their own. Over many years Rebecca has studied and trained in many forms of wellness, from the physical to the spiritual and offers alternative forms of healing and well-being, which include reiki, crystal healing, space clearing and the use of essential oils. Intuitively blending the art of holistic healing, Rebecca combines wisdom and knowledge to help create your very own life-changing rituals to support your day-to-day well-being. These include the use of crystal healing and essential oils as well as other forms of holistic health for complete mind, body and soul rejuvenation.

A busy mother to three young girls, Rebecca believes in the ancient art of self-care which she practises through her own set of rituals and is happy to advise on how you too can nurture yourself through the practice of daily ritual.

Rebecca specialises in how to utilise the chakra system to rebalance and realign the body and soul, using crystals and oils to bring balance and harmony to everyday life. She consistently lives in tune with the moon cycles and the astrological forecast, harnessing these powerful energies to become more in sync with Mother Nature and the cosmos.


Why not join Rebecca’s crystals clinic?

Crystals consultations As well as her 50-minute reiki treatments Rebecca is also offering 30-minute crystal consultations in which she helps you choose exactly which crystals you would currently benefit from with advice on how to use them and how to best look after them.

Crystal healing workshops Rebecca will soon be running weekend workshops on the many benefits of crystal healing. If you would like further details or to state your interest email Rebecca here.