Materia Aromatica – Santa’s Spice – 5ml


Cinnamon, Clove bud, nutmeg, cardamon, ginger, orange, mandarin, bergamot, spearmint. sandalwood & patchouli


Just as it says – a lovely blend that combines all the spices and fruitness of a Christmas Spirit with a touch of sweetness and warmth, all what Christmas is about!


  • Use as a fragrance oil to add into a burner or in a pot-pourris. The no of drops depends on the size of the room. On average between 5 and 10 – add more drops to boost the aroma in a larger room.
  • Can be used to make candles – add between 8 to 9% of the weight of the wax. (More and the wax struggles to absorb the essential oil which ends up sitting on top)


About Materia Aromatica

Materia Aromatica supplies oils essential oils harvested by growers and distillers of organic crops, buying as much as possible from smaller farms or family enterprises. This has the advantage that these farmers distil their own freshly harvested materials themselves. They carry out steam distillation on a small scale at low pressure in stainless steel tanks to maximise the essential oils’ therapeutic value and to retain the individuality and life force of the crops from which they originate. Every batch of oil is dated, numbered and tested to ensure the quality of the oilSoil Association Organic Certified - Logo


Oils from organically grown or wild-crafted crops are generally more expensive, as the term itself is a guarantee of purity and wholeness. Organically grown crops must adhere to strict guidelines so the oils are sold in their pure form, without dilution or the addition of any synthetic oils. Picking, carried out by hand in the wild, requiring extra labour, is time consuming and costly. This explains the price variations between two oils of the same species such as Materia Aromatica’s organic and wild varieties of Lavandula angustifolia.