Materia Aromatica – May chang – 5ml

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A wonderfully calming, feel-good essential oil, may chang is renowned for its relaxing and uplifting properties. It is also excellent to ease aching muscles after your workout, and is a revitalising oil while also inducing deep sleep. Its astringent qualities mean it can be used for problem skin. Certified organic.


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A wonderfully calming, feel-good essential oil, may chang is renowned for its wonderful relaxing properties

  • Calming, de-stressing and relaxing A wonderfully calming, feel-good oil, may chang has been utilised for its uplifting properties to help ease anxious feelings and clear the mind.
  • Sleep Also known as the oil of tranquility as it is often used by those in need of deep sleep.
  • Muscle ease When diluted in a carrier oil it can be useful as a muscle ease; massage into the joints after a workout session at the gym.
  • Balancing and revitalising Its refreshing scent will also help you feel revitalised.
  • Astringent It may also be helpful in balancing oily complexions.Soil Association Organic Certified - Logo

Litsea cubeba

Made in Vietnam

Organic – Soil Association certified

About Materia Aromatica

Materia Aromatica supplies oils essential oils harvested by growers and distillers of organic crops, buying as much as possible from smaller farms or family enterprises. This has the advantage that these farmers distil their own freshly harvested materials themselves. They carry out steam distillation on a small scale at low pressure in stainless steel tanks to maximise the essential oils’ therapeutic value and to retain the individuality and life force of the crops from which they originate. Every batch of oil is dated, numbered and tested to ensure the quality of the oil.


Oils from organically grown or wild-crafted crops are generally more expensive, as the term itself is a guarantee of purity and wholeness. Organically grown crops must adhere to strict guidelines so the oils are sold in their pure form, without dilution or the addition of any synthetic oils. Picking, carried out by hand in the wild, requiring extra labour, is time consuming and costly. This explains the price variations between two oils of the same species such as Materia Aromatica’s organic and wild varieties of Lavandula angustifolia.