At The Natural Health Hub we believe in preventing illness, rather than merely managing, so we pride ourselves on our range of immune boosters & anti-viral defence. We stock a good selection of natural nutritional supplements that are clinically proven to help boost the immunity and guard against going down with infections and viruses. These are a natural source of anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-bacterial support to complement a healthy daily diet.

These food supplements are particularly recommended if:

√ You are under stress

√ Your food intake is less than ideal, you find it difficult to eat 5+ a day fruit/veg, you often eat on the hoof or cannot sit down to regular meals, you are a big tea drinker or you have a sweet tooth

√ You have underlying health conditions that compromise your immune system

√ You are over 60

√ You are taking longterm medication for a health condition

√ You have difficulty sleeping

Our range includes:

Our very own Immune Boost Mix, a well-proven combo of the herbs echinacea, astragalus and sambucus in tincture form.
Vitamin C which has a wealth of evidence supporting its powers both to prevent infections and reduce symptoms)
Vitamin D – most of us are depleted in this vitamin throughout winter and depletion makes you more vulnerable to both contracting and suffering severely from Covid-19
Turmeric (curcumin), an important natural anti-inflammatory
Probiotics – a healthy, varied microbiome (the bacteria in our gut) is the cornerstone of a vibrant immune system. Children who take probiotics are, for example 25% less likely to go down with winter bugs and 40% less likely to take time off school).

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