Yoga to the tune of your cycle – Sunday workshop 16 February with Lexi.

When? 10am – 4pm ( 1-2pm break) Where? The Natural Health Hub, Lymington

How much? £70 for the full day, paid directly to Lexi

Join Lexi for an entire day dedicated to the female menstrual cycle, understanding patterns, honouring the female body, calling upon our innate power and respecting our sacred needs.

This workshop focuses on using yoga to balance and regulate the reproductive cycle throughout the month. As women we witness a constant dance of creation and renewal played out in our bodies. Thus it is important to take a mindful and sensitive approach to the practice of yoga. Different poses produce different responses within the system. You can nurture a state of vibrant good health by doing the right poses at the right time of your cycle. This will influence your short-term and long term reproductive health, supporting fertility and healthy menstruation and a smooth transition into menopause.

There is much symbolism connected to the phases of the cycles including Lunar cycle energy as well as other natural elements. Through observing and understanding, we can utilise the energy present at each phase. From a practical side,  we can learn about different Asana,  and Pranayama to alleviate symptoms such as:

Irritability, Tension, Mood Swings


Nausea, acidity, fatigue

Bloating, Breast tenderness


Cramps, lower back pain

Scanty periods, Prolonged Bleeding, Absence of Menstruation


Who is This workshop suitable for?

Women of all ages, from beginners to yoga as well as teachers.

What to Bring?

Mats- We do provide mats but please feel free to bring your own if you have one.

Blanket –  Bring a blanket for relaxation and anything else you need for your own comfort.

Notebook and pen

Light lunch (we will have an hour break time for lunch. Its up to you if you would like to bring something from home or if you prefer there are a few places on the high street to buy something.)

Limited participants so booking is required in order to secure your place.

To book, either call us on 01590 670955, or book through our website: