Women’s sharing circle. Friday 7 June

women's hands in a circle around a heart

Join Cathy Hoar for The Hub’s new monthly women’s sharing circle, an opportunity to meet other women, share and be listened to and heard. We come together in the spirit of authenticity, taking down the masks and being together in a way that nurtures the heart and nourishes the soul!

We begin the evening with a short kundalini shaking meditation, to wake up our life force energy and what’s truly alive in us – tap into the stress and tensions of what may have been buried under the busyness of work and family life. We then engage in free-flowing embodied movement where there are no steps to learn, just simply shaking off the day, moving in any way that feels good for the body… again waking up the dormant energy within, moving, breathing and being shamelessly alive. After this we move into the main focus of the evening: a heart-centred sharing circle where we have the opportunity to connect with each other in an authentic, honest and open way.

In our society we often engage in surface-level communication, as we simply don’t feel safe enough to share what’s really going on with us, plus there is usually lack of time and lack of people willing to simply BE with us. This women’s sharing circle will provide that safety: for you to share how you’re feeling, where you’re at in life and, in doing so, deepen in authentic connection with both yourself and others. You will leave feeling much more connected to the pulse of life, to yourself and to all of humanity. There will be no fixing, no rescuing, no advising and no projecting… we simply hold the space for one another to share what’s true.

You won’t regret coming to our women’s sharing circle. Come with whatever you’re with… Everyone is welcome here. There is a place for you in this circle. Plenty of tea on offer too!

Date: Friday 7 June 7.30-9pm

Cost: £12 on the night