AromaTouch massage and other treats specially for women

Summer holidays over, new school year started, house all quiet and yours again, phew…! Forget the cleaning, domestic tidying and sorting, drinking coffee. It’s time for something for YOU, just for you


Women all too often sort everything and everyone else out first, and put themselves last. Now you’ve got the children back to school and the weather’s on the turn, don’t fall into that trap – put yourself first and you’ll be a whole lot more efficient and more pleasant to be around!

Here are our suggestions for getting some precious me time, some simple ways you can get back to feeling you again.

Rose essential oilsAromaTouch aromatherapy A delicious relaxing treat using the best essential oils going. Juanita applies eight oils in succession of over your back, shoulders, neck, head and feet in a specific therapeutic order that help to bring balance and harmony, immune support and healing – finishing with re-energising all the cells in the body. People float off the couch, relaxed yet revitalised.

Natural well-being facial Janette’s pampering treatment takes the facial to a new level. This 30-minute nurturing well-being facial harmonises youNatural well-being facial sing Dr Hauschka all-natural products, to leave you revived, refreshed and radiating. True beauty comes from within, and Dr Hauscka is the Holy Grail of natural skincare so Janette is working with your skin, not just on it.

Women’s nurturing yoga A blissful start to Friday morning of deep relaxation and soul nourishment. This women-only class with Cathy Rose explores various forms of meditation, breath work and gentle, flowing yoga postures to leave you feeling deeply relaxed, soft and open. Cathy brings her experience of shamanic ealing and facilitating women’s circles, along with years of teaching yoga from a soul-centred perspective. This class will appeal to those seeking a sanctuary-like space to  elax, heal and reconnect to their own divine feminine energy.

Women’s counselling group A supportive women-only group facilitated by counsellor/ psychotherapist Lucy Furniss. Improve your confidence and self-esteem. Explore who you are for personal growth. Learn to cope with competing demands in your life and find time for you. Find your voice so that personal and family relationships are enriched. This will be a small group of six to 10 women, meeting weekly for 10 weeks from  27 September.

Reiki A relaxing and peaceful treatment balancing your chakras to release blockages in your chi (energy flow), bringing body harmony, mentally, Woman with thumbs up overlooking the sea at sunset looking happy and fulfilledphysically and emotionally.

Reflexology An incredibly relaxing foot massage with health benefits. Reflexology is a holistic treatment based on the principle that certain areas on the feet are linked through the nervous system to corresponding parts of the body. There are 7,000 nerve endings in the human foot and by massaging these reflexes you’ll experience a beneficial release of toxins and feel deep calm and relaxation.

Reiki for balancing and harmonising the chakrasYogic relaxation Hannah Bimpson’s monthly blend of yogic breath work, chanting and yoga nidra to de-stress and revitalise your mind, body and soul.

Sound baths Relax and release to the sonic healing of our monthly sound baths with Sonja Gundry. Her expert sequence of crystal bowls, gongs and Himalayan bowls allows you to sink deep into healing theta brainwaves, to heal both physically and emotionally.

To book your nurturing me time simply click on the link for the treat you have in store for yourself


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