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Relationship therapy

Practitioner: Rachel Gold

Cost: £75 for 90 minutes

Rachel is a relationship and sex therapist with a passion for supporting women and couples through their transition into parenthood and beyond. As a mum of three children, Rachel knows the ups and downs of parenting well and the impact this can have on body confidence, life purpose and rekindling of pleasure.

Rachel brings 25 years of experience as a counsellor, sex therapist and natural birth facilitator, as well as her understanding and compassion about the challenges that parents may encounter in their relationship intimacy.

It is Rachel’s hope that her personal and professional journey can encourage other women and couples to increase their communication skills and to discover new ways of exploring intimacy in their relationship.

The sooner the better is Rachel’s best advice to women and couples, who may already be struggling with personal and/or relationship issues from before their children’s birth. These niggling concerns that go uncommunicated can often times be nipped in the bud by several counselling sessions, in which the simple act of sharing feelings can bring great relief and a rebooting of the relationship intimacy. Often the depth of love and trust can be overshadowed by unexpressed emotions and this scenario can easily be transformed by taking time to focus on the relationship during the early parenting years.

Rachel is determined to support parents to create a longterm plan for their relationship harmony, one that offers the most nurturing and nourishing environment to raise healthy children.

As such, Rachel welcomes couples and women to visit her for counselling support at The Hub. She is also out and about in the local community in her pop-up café clinic called Mummies on the Move (www.mummiesonthemove.co.uk) which offers a relaxing respite drop-in for pregnant and new mums during these busy days and another opportunity to chat about concerns that only mummies know.


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