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Availability: TBC

Cost: initial consultation £89 (60-90 minutes), follow-ups £49 (about 30 minutes). Package of initial consultation+1 follow-up: £119


Many people don’t make the connection between what they are eating and symptoms they may be feeling. Modern diets can be full of processed foods that no longer resemble the original foods they began as, and can contribute to inflammation on a cellular level within the body.

Holistic nutrition looks at the bigger picture and aims to restore balance. We investigate why you might have the symptoms and address them at the core, rather than just treating them.

My main focus is on restoring gut health, covering issues like IBS or IBD, and how this interlinks with many other health issues that may arise such as autoimmune disorders, liver health, the immune system, blood sugar control, blood pressure management etc…

My approach to nutrition is realistic, taking into account that we are all unique – what works for one person might not work for you because your genetics and history are yours alone. Your personal plan takes this into account, along with your lifestyle, budget and daily circumstances.

This is an exciting time to look at your diet – new information is being discovered all the time about your gut microbiome, the layer of good and bad bacteria that reside there and how they can influence your daily health.

Before any consultation you should have a free initial chat lasting only minutes.

If you wish to proceed you will be given a set of forms to complete (allow approximately 45 minutes to fill these in) which should be returned to me a few days before your initial consultation (of around 60-90 minutes). Following this a report with recommendations tailored for you will be issued.