Practitioner: Denise Caruth

Cost: £50 for 1 hour

Availability: Tuesdays

There are times when life feels difficult and having the right therapist to support you through this is important. I can offer a safe, gentle space to explore what is going on and offer a first session for free.
Empathy, lack of judgement and integrity are the core elements of the therapeutic relationship I offer. Often the nature of this relationship allows clients to reveal elements of themselves, and their lives, that they may never have shared with anyone else before. The unveiling of one’s inner self in a secure space, and acceptance by the therapist, often brings relief and a growth in self-awareness and self-confidence.
Having worked at a local hospice and counselling agency I have experience of helping people who are struggling with grief, cancer, childhood issues, depression, anxiety, addiction and relationship issues, among other difficulties. I strongly believe that each human being has the innate possibility for happiness and fulfilment and I work with clients to unlock that potential.

Please do get in touch on 01590 670955 to discuss further.