cognitive behavioural therapy
cognitive behavourial hypnotherapy

Practitioner: Alexandra Taylor

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Cost: £75 for a one-hour consultation, £425 for a course of 6 consultations

Availability: Tuesdays 9am-2pm

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a dynamic, flexible and modern approach that is constantly evolving to take advantage of new therapy techniques and developments in neuroscience. It is, essentially, the combination of cognitive behavioural therapy with traditional hypnosis. It is a highly rewarding process that looks at how the way you act, feel and think colour your present experience and perception of your world.

Together we will uncover what is holding you back, your fears and limiting beliefs. With Alexandra's guidance and support you will learn how to release those parts of you that you have been causing you to dim your natural light.

Watch this short illustration which explains how cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy works.

This isn’t magic. Nor is it a quick or temporary fix.