Varvara Dranidis, health and wellness coaching

Varvara Dranidis

Wellness and health coaching

Availability: Monday 11.30am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-2.30pm; Wednesday 12-1pm and 2pm-3pm

Varvara has been in the health and lifestyle sector for over 25 years. Starting as a massage therapist and special events make-up artist in the centre of London, she moved on to become to co-founder and director of Healthy Options holidays in Greece. She then trained to become a doula to support postnatal women after going through her own struggle with postnatal depression as well as training in her lifelong practice as a yoga teacher. After setting up Varvara Yoga in the New Forest she realised that she could help support individuals even further by coaching them in wellness, health and lifestyle.

With a colourful and varied Mediterranean and UK background, Varvara brings unique experience, especially with relocation of home or work, women re-finding purpose in their lives and with an approach to see how we can try to live more simply, more joyfully and mindfully. She brings all of her life experience and passions together to help support individuals in their forever-changing lives.

Her positive and calm approach makes it feel effortless for you to be coached by her…


Healthy Options: the foundations?

'There’s a lot to be said for the way life is lived in the Mediterranean, and I’m not just talking about enjoying the weather!

'After living life at high speed in the city, and still recovering from the fast-paced world of working on a cruise liner, I relocated to Greece to co-found Healthy Options. The concept behind Healthy Options was created when seeking my own refuge from the chaotic life of the beauty and hospitality industries. It was about discovering ways to pause, rest beyond sipping cocktails poolside, recharge and feel ready to return to work. Yoga has played such an integral part in my adult life and I fortunately can harness the powers of disconnecting from noise, yet so many hardworking women cannot, and this is how Healthy Options was born.

'We organised first-time retreat-like experiences to educate and indulge women to inherit a more balanced approach to life. I wanted to show that you can enjoy mindfulness at dawn, yoga at midday and a glass of wine in the evening – because life really is about balance!

'The success of Healthy Options grew year on year. What initially began as a small group of novice yoga enthusiasts (and a small marquee to practise in!) quickly became a widely renowned retreat for ‘sailing widows’ and single women, joining together for the love of escapism and culinary excellence. We welcomed guest speakers, embraced the offerings from local businesses (including snorkelling, herbal garden tours and cycle rides) as well as paying homage to the island’s delicious cuisine and Mediterranean culture.

'The company grew so successfully that my sister took on and managed a secondary centre on mainland Greece, and we welcomed returning guests time after time. I was touched by the positive feedback from guests, the friendships made and the experience very much forged the next chapter in my story.

'It was upon returning home that many of the women I had hosted at Healthy Options required additional coaching to help introduce their newfound practices into everyday life. Healthy Options laid down the foundations for what I do, and the aftercare I provided for guests, developed into the coaching programmes I offer today.'


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Certified by The Institute of Health Sciences (IHS), accredited by The International Coaching Federation and operating to the ICF guidelines.