Pennie Quaile-Pearce

Pennie Quaile-Pearce

Regular workshops 

I am CEO of Acorn to Oak, the International School of Energy Medicine. My experience encompasses over 20 years in the field of orthodox medicine, specialising in trauma and intensive care, including work with the Red Cross and International Voluntary Services (IVS).

Two decades ago, while standing at the end of a bed in an intensive care unit, I was facilitating an emergency situation. I was watching a patient go through the most horrific scenario, knowing that the toxicity of the drugs we were administering was killing him faster than the condition he had been admitted for. In that moment I thought, ‘There has to be a better way than this.’

Since then I have been on a quest to find a better way, and that quest has involved heaps of research into a plethora of areas, mainly into energy and energetics. I commenced my own self-healing, which has included finding a spiritual path with the Self-Realisation Fellowship. I practise Kriya yoga daily and ultimately this has helped me to understand that the best way to nourish myself is to nourish others. Part of my role is to serve others – and that is why I describe myself as a ‘divine waitress’.



Pennie Quaile-Pearce SRN, RSCN, MA, MSc, LCH, RMA, Cert Ed

Following a career as a nurse, in 1992 Pennie retrained as a homoeopath, then in 1994 as a Reiki Master/Teacher. In 1996 she became a Bodhisoul Breathwork Practitioner, later going on to write and introduce Breath4Life Breath Work into the UK, training the first cohort of Breath4Life Breath Work Practitioners in 2015. A trained teacher, who specialises in course creation and development, Pennie is also a business, life, love and spiritual coach/guide.


How Pennie helps others

  • Business coaching/marketing and strategy sessions
  • Mentorship
  • Coaching on how to run, build and grow private practices, and successful workshops