paul hill

Paul Hill


Availability: Wednesday afternoons

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist with five years' experience. For what has seemed a myriad years I was involved in financial services. Two marriage breakdowns, stresses of life, a DUI and more counselling than I could shake a stick at led me to look for change… real change. I studied what I thought was my passion: sports and remedial massage. Received a diploma and thought… 'This is it!' While massaging my clients, both male and female, invariably I'd be told their life histories, the good and the bad.

At 47 I dispensed with my 'gems of wisdom'. Always keen to learn, I thought I'd check out if my 'gems' were doing the trick and signed up for a counselling course. The first year was based on hypnotherapy: and eureka moment! Hypnotherapy became and is my passion. I help turn people's can'ts into can's and don'ts into do's.

I'm married now to my third wife and soul mate, Amanda, have four children, three dogs and five cats.

Don't expect change from without… look at the man in the mirror… seek real change from within.

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