Lexi Dranidi, offering restorative yoga and holistic massage

Lexi Dranidi

Holistic massage; Restorative yoga with yoga nidra

Availability: Thursday afternoons and evenings

Lexi Dranidi is a holistic massage therapist and yoga teacher with a profound interest in alternative therapies and the numerous physical and psychological benefits of yoga. Having recently also trained in qigong, she is a firm believer that rediscovering that connection between the body and the mind is the key to overcoming any obstacle in life and living it to its full potential. For several years she has been manager of a yoga, pilates and fitness holiday centre in Greece.

Lexi's holistic massage is a delicious fusion of complementary health techniques, intuitively woven for every individual's physical and emotional needs on the day.

Lexi is trained in both hatha and vinyasa yoga, and brings restorative yoga with yoga nidra to The Hub. This is a yin yoga style, incorporating elements from yoga, meditation and breath awareness to release tension and truly experience a deep state of relaxation.