Laura Finlay

Early morning Scaravelli-inspired yoga

I discovered yoga while travelling in New Zealand in 1998 and regularly practised iyengar and later ashtanga yoga in Aucklund. Upon returning to the UK in 1999 I continued to practise in London in a hatha yoga class. I joined the British Wheel of Yoga and began the British Wheel 500-hour teacher training course, qualifying in 2003. I then went on to complete the British Wheel’s yoga for pregnancy 45-hour training course. I have been practising and teaching ever since, in London, County Antrim in Ireland and now on the Waterside.

While teaching locally since 2007 I have continued my professional development and personal practice, my enquiry leading me to yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli. So I am now involved in a further 200-hour teaching course facilitated by Dot Bowen and Becky Barkans (both students of Diane Long, a student to Vanda Scaravelli for 23 years) to advance my studies into this approach to yoga. I am excited to share this experience at The Hub.

I am a British Wheel of Yoga county representative for South Hampshire.


Early morning Scaravelli-inspired yoga

Vanda Scaravelli’s knowledge of yoga came from her studies with BKS Ivengar and TKV Desikachar, both respected teachers in the West, and she was a longterm friend of Krishnamurti. From this she developed a distinct approach of her own, which since her death in 1991 (at 91) continues to evolve through her students and teachers such as Diane Long, Sandra Sabatini and others.

Vanda’s book, Awakening the Spine, focuses on leading us to the core of our being, our spine, bringing strength and lightness – a re-volution from within. Incorporating the effects of breath and gravity, Vanda’s students approach each practice as they were beginning their yoga anew, learning to listen intuitively to their bodies. This methodology allows everyone to create their own personal yoga practice and enjoy the unique music of their body.

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