Juanita Duffin


I’m delighted to be joining the team here at The Hub in Lymington as I bring a new treatment not only to this clinic, but also into this area. It's called AromaTouch and uses Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils for a truly relaxing experience.

I was first introduced to these beautiful CPTG essential oils in 2018 by a friend who thought they could help me at an emotionally turbulent time. I was still grieving for the loss of my two babies from some years earlier and she tenderly suggested over a few months I try them, saying what did I have to lose? As I didn't want to offend, and out of love and respect for her, I agreed to try them – but I was very sceptical! How was smelling a few essential oils going to make any difference or change the mess my head and heart were in? I wasn't holding out much hope but at least I could enjoy the nice fragrances, I thought.

What happened over the next few months was very interesting. There were no thunderbolts or lightning flashes but, as I look back, there has been a support on an emotional level that I hadn't expected or experienced before. Somehow it appeared to be slightly easier to deal with the all too often painful anniversaries. Life wasn't as hard as it had been in previous years. This caught my curiosity – could it really be these oils…?

I then started to use different oils for physical ailments and again I experienced more positive changes and healing here too.

It was time to start taking these oils seriously! What was in them? Why and how did they work?

My research took me to the fact that they are truly 100 per cent pure; which has been independently verified by the Roseman University of Health Studies, in Nevada. A team of scientists bio-chemically took the oils apart during tests over a two-year period and have confirmed they are indeed 100 per cent pure. These oils are in a class of their own!

I have fallen in love with these beautiful oils and decided I wanted to work with them so I trained as an AromaTouch therapist so I could start sharing them with more people. I continue to use these amazing essential oils on myself, my husband, around my home for cleaning and on my little dog too who is a trained, licensed performing animal (live theatre, TV and film work).

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