Jenny Strehlau pilates teacher

Jenny Strehlau


I started my work life in the financial industry but it wasn’t long before I swapped my stilettos for my trainers. I retrained as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist and soon afterwards set up my own personal training business. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my clients but was looking to deepen my knowledge and training. I was recommended a pilates course in London and this was when I was first introduced to Stott Pilates. It was love at first roll-up of the mat. Pilates added a different dimension to my training and soon my clients were reaping the benefits.

I relocated to Lymington after I met my now husband and started my training business again. It became clear there was a real demand for pilates and I know why – it’s a form of exercise that truly is for everyone.

I was hired by Limewood Hotel and have worked there regularly since early 2011. I also run classes and 1-2-1s in clients’ homes. Pilates is so rewarding to teach as every exercise can be adapted to suit every person. I now have two children and strongly believe that if I hadn’t been practising pilates throughout my pregnancies my labours and recovery would have been very different. I’m looking forward to introducing more people to the pilates way of life.




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