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Janette Eleanor

Janette Eleanor Scott

Natural well-being facials

Janette has an extensive background in health and well-being. Originally qualifying as a nurse and personal fitness and lifestyle coach, she now works as a well-being therapist and coach.

'Thirty-seven years ago I began my journey into health and well-being, with my passion and primary focus on holistic health. I started as a personal fitness and lifestyle coach, teaching exercise, science and motivation at local colleges and within organisations such as Avro, as well as one to one. From 2001 I have  worked  as a well-being therapist, coach and mentor on a one-to-one basis, as well as with groups. I also teach on the subject of well-being in education, inviting experiences into how do we all learn holistically, rather than just through the intellect alone'.

I trained as a Dr Hauschka aesthetician and was accredited in 2006 by Dr Hauschka UK where I went on to be employed as Education Advisor. Established over 50 years ago, Dr Hauschka is the Holy Grail of natural skincare because it is all natural, working with the skin, not on it. The company pioneered chemical-free skincare, using only natural organic ingredients that have been grown biodynamically, and combining an anthroposophical ethos to both their cosmetics and their business. They are also dedicated to sustainability.

Janette combines decades of experience as a therapist with a dedication to all things natural and the environment.

What people say

'Janette is passionate about holistic lifestyles, and a strong communicator. I have worked with her over many years and her friendly, open manner was always successful with our clients and customers at Elysia for Hauschka UK from 2006 to 2012.'

Sebastian Parsons, former CEO and founder of Dr Hauschka in the UK

Natural well-being facial with Janette