Dinah Smith

Dinah Smith

Natural health advice

As a former nurse and mother of two, Natural Health Advisor Dinah Smith uses her practical health knowledge to put people back on track with natural products and improved lifestyle choices.

‘I started my business in 2002 after overcoming health challenges that had kept me off work for four months. Using natural supplementation to support my body’s own healing process, within two months I was well enough to return to work. My recovery was so fast and dramatic – not only was I healthy again, I had new-found energy and had lost weight – that people began to ask me what I’d done to make these changes.

‘As I shared my story, I soon gained the confidence to talk to groups. My passion has always been to help others and I encourage everyone to share their stories with friends and family, so that more people can be helped. Their stories have made me laugh and cry, and have inspired and enriched my life.’

While continuing to develop her knowledge of natural health products, Dinah trains others, including therapists/practitioners and fitness professionals, to do the same. A mine of information and advice, with a wealth of experience in helping clients achieve improved health and well-being, she is on hand for natural health consultations and gives talks on optimum health at the Natural Health Hub.