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corinne light

Corinne Light

Nurturing nails

Availability: Friday mornings and (by arrangement) some Saturdays

Corinne has been practising as a beautician and nail technician since 2008, with an extensive background in nailcare and a nurturing touch. A few years ago she had to give up her work as she became highly sensitive to the toxic chemicals in standard nail products. Now she's back and, with the all-natural, plant-based, non-chemical products we've specially sourced for The Hub, she's back doing what she loves: making your feet and hands look pamper pretty!

What people say

'Corinne has such a warm, calm and caring nature. The perfect pair of hands making you feel welcomed and relaxed as she transformed my feet into "date-ready" wear, the perfect set of ears listening to the latest life gossip, all the while applying non-toxic all-natural goodness to my body, meaning no need to worry or feel guilty with this self-care ritual. What more could you want!'