Clare Collins

Clare Collins

Vinyasa yoga

Clare is still undergoing her teacher training, due to qualify in November. So her classes are charged at £8 to follow regulations set by Yoga Alliance Professionals and her insurance

Clare Collins began practising yoga regularly with Laura Green Yoga about eight years ago.

‘When I started yoga I did it for fitness, flexibility and strength but I soon realised yoga is about so much more. I have been amazed at the healing and coping ability yoga can provide to ease the path through difficult periods in your life.This led me to want to teach yoga. I am currently training with Laura Green Yoga to obtain the 200-hour Yoga Alliance hatha qualification in November 2018.

​‘I see so many people feeling, stressed, pressured and lacking self-confidence. Yoga can help to relax, to focus on breathing, to take away competitiveness and judgment of others; it allows you to re-centre on the most important person… yourself.

​‘I am really excited about starting this new pathway and looking forward to sharing and helping others to see the fantastic benefits yoga can bring to our lives.’

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