Cathy Rose

Women's nurturing yoga

Cathy has travelled the world extensively following her heart’s calling and studying the science and spirituality of expanding consciousness and healing the body, mind and spirit.

‘Since 2013 I have been on a journey to understand the nature of the human experience and this has taken me to some wild and wonderful places! Including living deep in meditation in remote parts of India, spending time living alongside shaman and medicine healers and calling the Australian bush home.

I have had my heart and mind opened in so many incredible ways by immersing myself in complementary health practices such as shadow work, shamanism, plant medicine and energy healing. I feel so lucky to have had all these experiences which now allow me to impact people's lives in ways I could never have imagined.’

After studying PE at university Cathy trained in India as a yoga teacher in 2014 and has been sharing her craft ever since, teaching yoga and holding transformational spaces for healing.

Cathy’s biggest passion is facilitating radical change in people through bodywork. She is a certified lomi lomi massage therapist, having trained with the UK Hawaiian Massage Training Centre.

‘I am delighted to be offering this beautiful, soulful, nurturing massage experience to our community. I have come across many massage styles, but lomi lomi was what did it for me! I found it so deeply healing and nurturing and really the perfect antidote to living in our busy, fast-paced society – to witness people shift from burnout to thriving, even in the space of a single session, is a gift I will never take for granted.’

Cathy has trained and assisted with the International School of Temple Arts, is a graduate of Jewels Wingfield’s programme An Initiation into the Sacred Feminine, is a women’s circle facilitator, yoga nidra teacher and is currently undertaking a two-year energy healing and shamanic practitioner training alongside regular vipassana meditation courses.



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