Ambre Pouzet

Ambre Pzt

Moon meditation

I’m a holistic health coach and meditation teacher, specialising in lunar chronobiology. I graduated from the Holistic Healing College of London and studied herbal medicine at the European School of Herbalism.

I have been passionate about holistic health and self-development since my early twenties when I started working as a dance teacher in France. After graduating from the International Institute of Dance (Paris) with a diploma in Classical Dance Teaching I studied body language analysis and communication at the European Institute of Synergology (Paris) for two years.

After this two years I decided to leave Paris and went travelling, exploring 11 different countries. This long journey through America, Norway, India and finally England changed my vision of our world and opened me to a new understanding of the subtly of human nature and our relationship with the world around us.


Why lunar chronobiology?

As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated and attracted by the moon. I have remained amazed by the beauty of her light and the metronomic dances of her cycles, from the total darkness of the new moon to the radiant power of the full moon. Everything around and inside us reflects this celestial choreography. The moon cycles reflect our human nature, mirror our emotional and physiological cycles and spur our regenerative abilities. As a holistic health practitioner I find it natural to follow/flow with the lunar cycles to cultivate the subtle alchemy of our inner harmony such as the emotional, physiological, biochemical and psychological balances. Living in harmony with the moon and its phases aligns ourselves to the rhythms of nature’s cycles.

In 2017 I wrote the study, Inner Harmony with the Lunar Chronobiology (understand and work holistically with our circa-lunar rhythm), exploring the connection between the lunar cycle and our hormonal system.

I run new moon and full moon meditation, health coaching in English/French and am working on a Moon Phases & Inner Alchemy programme to develop a new workshop before the end of 2018.

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