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Melissa Bradshaw-Weaver


Melissa Bradshaw-Weaver, LSHC RSHom, is a professional classical homeopath registered with the Society of Homeopaths.

Melissa sought homeopathy to support her own recovery from ill health due to candida overgrowth in 2012 and was so impressed (and intrigued!) that she took her then six-year-old daughter for homeopathic treatment for her persistent ear pain, which had not improved following months of conventional medical care. Her daughter’s recovery was overnight. Unexplained earache gone – just like that! Over the moon, relieved and by now truly fascinated by this alternative form of medicine, in 2013 Melissa decided to embark upon the four-year course to become a practitioner herself.

Melissa took a break from studies for three years in 2015 following the birth of her second daughter (thanking homeopathy for her surprise baby, after being told she would never conceive again!) and returned to the college with a renewed vigour in 2018 to complete the remaining years of study, graduating in July 2020 from Salisbury Homeopathy College with a first class (with honours) Licentiate in Homeopathy.

During that time Melissa found that homeopathy really came into its own for her and her young family, using it extensively to support her new baby daughter’s recovery from meningitis at only 12 months old (and her own post-traumatic stress from such a terrifying experience).

Melissa’s earlier personal experience of candida overgrowth formed the basis of her final-year dissertation. The research for this essay enabled her to recognise and support treatment of what is such a tricky condition, and so prevalent in our society today due to a combination of factors in our lifestyles including stress, diet and medication. With her daughters now aged 13 and nearly five, Melissa brings a wealth of experience and passion for homeopathy for babies, children and adults from years of witnessing the marvellous, gentle and longlasting results that homeopathy has to offer.


Cost:  Adults £80 initial consultation, follow-ups £50. Children £60 initial consultation, follow-ups £40 (Zoom and Skype calls also available and telephone appointments where appropriate)

Availability: by arrangement (please call us to book)