Maria Palmer, reflexologist


Maria trained in reflexology 26 years ago in Margate, Kent, with the Association of Reflexologists.  She was fascinated with the way the body and channels are all connected, and linked to pressure points in the feet, and how one minor change can have a profound effect on the body mentally, physically and emotionally. Maria is dedicated to helping people feel their best on every level, and promoting harmony in mind, body and soul.

'I have been enjoying reflexology treatments with Maria on and off for the last seven years. She is kind, compassionate and a fantastic therapist. I usually seek treatment for my general well-being, although regular appointments with Maria have also helped my insomnia and frequent headaches.' LS

'I have been having reflexology from Maria over the past 16 years or so, every month, and have found he treatments to be amazing! I feel refreshed after her treatment and sleep really well afterwards, with niggly aches and pains gone. Her treatment is relaxing and productive, and I said to her years ago that I felt like I was walking on two giant marshmallows afterwards! I often get lower backache through my horse riding and I have found reflexology helps enormously. I can definitely recommend Maria for reflexology to help people feel great, the way I have felt. I choose to have her treatments every six weeks or so now, which is good maintenance for me – and it is something that I very much enjoy. Maria has also treated my husband and daughter.' LA

'Maria is among that special breed of reflexologists who really are true therapists rather than merely offering a relaxing foot massage. She is thorough, patiently working your weak spots, and it's remarkable what she founds out and can resolve in just an hour.' SJP

'I have had several reflexology treatments with Maria, treating me for various aches and pains - which she always helped to shift. She is an excellent therapist, always very professional.' TK

'A relaxing and serene experience. I rarely relax fully but when Maria is working her reflexology magic on I completely zone out ad find my inner calm. Would recommend to all. LM