Learn mindfulness, the art of being more purposeful, confident and content


The definition of mindfulness, according to world expert Jon Kabat-Zinn, is ‘paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement’. But how often do any of us actually manage to freeze-frame time, as this mantra suggests? To pay attention to bird song, enjoy the sun on your face, listen to a tune, calmly do things one at a time and relish them? More likely your brain will be going 12 to the dozen, running through a conversation you’ve had – all too often judging unfavourably what your other half or boss asked you to do! Or you’ll be working through your daily job list, kicking yourself for being inefficient or feeling put upon and weary from the long tally of things you’ve not got done. Here’s where mindfulness comes in… in our monthly mindfulness workshops with Annie Davison you will learn how to live in the moment, pay attention and relish the good spots in life, not beat yourself up for what you’ve not achieved or for being ‘unworthy’ or a ‘failure’ in some way. To slow the hubbub of life so that you enjoy it. We guarantee if you live more mindfully you will feel a whole lot more purposeful, confident and content!

Most of us have heard tell of the benefits of mindfulness, but hearing about the principles is totally different from putting them into practice. Maybe you’ve intended to take up mindfulness, but never quite got around to it? Or you’ve been on a mindfulness course, read a book or dabbled in the theory, but you’re miles away from integrating it into the day-to-day? Here’s your opportunity to explore mindfulness with The Hub’s teacher Annie Davison in a relaxed, informal environment – your first step on the way to living mindfully all the time which, as Annie says, is rather like taking your first exercise class. Give those mindfulness muscles regular use, though, just like regular exercise.…  and it could really enhance and de-stress your life!

This is one in a series of counsellor/psychotherapist Annie Davison’s monthly Saturday classes… In her hour’s guided mindfulness practice Annie will give a brief introduction to mindfulness and its advantages, then you will put this theory into practice in a group session focusing on a specific topic. This is a lovely Saturday morning chance to set yourself up in a peaceful frame of mind, declutter your head from the week’s stress and begin to venture into living live more mindfully. Mindfulness can help break cycles of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion, give you perspective, while promoting a genuine joy of life.

The class will be conducted seated with some parts of it in a relaxed seated position or lying down, whichever is your preference – you’re welcome to bring along your favourite cushions and blanket! This is the third of our monthly guided mindfulness classes. It is not necessary to come each month, although you’ll of course get best benefit from Annie’s teaching if you attend regularly once a month…

Date: Saturday 19 May 9.30-10.30am

Cost: £12


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