A few kind words about us…


Ally is a wonderfully kind and experienced reflexologist. She has treated me for years now and I couldn't recommend her more highly. Her sensitive approach to her clients really makes her stand out, she is gentle, has a good listening ear, and her intuitive sense of what my feet/body needs are spot on.  I cannot praise her treatments more highly, I always feel so relaxed afterwards!' JS, Hampshire

Feels like Ally has a range of wise spirit healers sitting next to her looking at my feet. I always receive a beautiful and intuitive experience, full of natural movement, guidance and wisdom. Gentle consciousness guides the time, always different, and the session unfolds naturally to work with presenting needs. Ally creates a space to relax and rebalance without judgement. She is a gifted professional and client-centred healer, who spans both the practical physical and higher energetic support we need now. On a personal note, she is a genuinely warm and kind being whose integrity and intent are pure. If you are looking for a healing session to support energy and self-focus/reflection, then look no further. You will gently "drop into" yourself and life’s dramas dissolve away. I would recommend for anyone interested in well-being and health. CW, Hampshire



NATUROPATHIC NUTRITION by Rhi Hepple Rhi Hepple - Mind body therapies - Nutrition

Having suffered with my skin since having children and tried everything, I turned to Rhian. She offered a full consultation looking at the body and mind in a very organic way. She had a very different approach to most in that she added to my already pretty balanced diet rather than taking away. A couple of supplements, a few seeds, more veg, water and so on, and over time I noticed a change in my skin, energy and mood. Rhi is wonderful, very intuitive. She listens and observes. She has ended up helping me in ways far more than just skin deep, getting to the roots of my well-being. I feel lighter, brighter and back in control of my body. Thank you, Rhi you’re amazing at what you do and I highly recommend you. CC, London 

After a long battle with infertility I was recommended to see Rhian and haven’t looked back since. I embarked on a treatment plan that is leading me up to my first round of IVF. I hadn’t realised what I was doing to my body and Rhian has helped my husband and me to make changes that has now made me feel ready to take on the world! On her plan my husband’s sperm count test went from zero to hero and that was just through diet and supplementation alone. An amazing therapist who has changed my life and made me feel so much stronger. ER, Bristol

Rhian prescribed a combination of vitamins and minerals for my daughter after a very in-depth consultation. She saw things that as a mum I couldn’t see. My daughter was very low in mood and energy, preferring to curl up in a ball rather than interact with the world. She was also suffering from anxiety and alopecia areata and had significant-sized bald patches on her head. After just a few weeks of following Rhian’s advice there was a dramatic change in her… she was brighter, more energetic and volunteering to be a part of things she had shied away from for so long. The hair also grew back at well above the predicted rate from the skin consultant. She was an absolute picture of health and radiance this New Year’s Eve, just a few months on… dancing the night away and outlasting most of us until the wee hours. I now have my daughter back and above anything I have Rhian to thank for that. It’s easy to put it down to the ‘teenage years’ at the age of 15 but it is far more complex than that and Rhian could see it all and has made such an incredible difference to our lives. I would urge any parent who is having similar issues to any degree with their children, and indeed with themselves, to heed her amazing advice and insight into healing not just the body but, hugely importantly, the mind and soul. JJ, Hampshire

Rhian has provided me with some fantastic nutritional advice. We’ve made gradual changes to my habits so I can learn and understand what works for me. She’s a great listener and has followed up with specific advice over email so I can refer back to her guidance whenever I need a reminder. Her client-friendly holistic approach has helped me improve my digestive health this year. Thanks, Rhian. WS, London

POLARITY THERAPY by Jane Seaman Jane Seaman - meditation

I had a polarity session so I could understand more about Jane’s work with energy flow within the body and ensuring it is flowing correctly and, crikey, it was amazing! I felt like a new person afterwards! Within five minutes of our consultation Jane had pinpointed a trait within me that I had never noticed, but it explained so much about my energy levels and why I was often feeling the way I was… She's incredible and so intuitive! I'd definitely recommend Jane to anyone looking to find balance, gain clarity and address any aches and pains within the body.  Donna, photographer

I have been seeing Jane for polarity treatments for about a year… and the results are amazing! She has helped control my hot flushes, back pain and my stress levels. I have recently given up smoking and she has been helping my body cope with the loss of nicotine. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending her. Maria, sales administrator

Having sustained a whiplash injury I was advised to attend several physio clinics, both at my local GP plus the hospital. After several years my condition had not improved the daily pain I was living with. I decided to try another route. The polarity treatments I received from Jane were of great benefit – after suffering for years I found I had little or no pain. During the monthly treatments I found it most beneficial to talk to Jane about the accident and how it had impacted my personal life.  After a series of consultations I found I was able to move more freely and regained a positive frame of mind to gain an understanding of what I was capable of doing on a daily basis. I thank Jane for her patience and understanding and highly recommend polarity therapy. It succeeded where everything else had failed. Clare, PA

After three polarity therapy treatments and a polarity therapy massage I find I not only have more energy and am sleeping better, I feel freer, more positive, more productive and more light-hearted. I am calmer, able to take on more and focus and keep a clear mind. It is as if I have my path in life mapped and now have all the power to follow it. Sue, complementary therapist

HOMEOPATHY by Sue Leach Sue Leach - homeopathy - food intolerance testing

I highly recommend Sue as a professional health practitioner in homeopathy. She treated me pre and post-op, and has also treated my 11-year-old son. Her approach is patient and caring, she takes time to understand the whole person and treat accordingly. I felt safe and confident in Sue's knowledge and experience, my recovery was less stressful and my healing happened earlier than when I previously had a similar operation. My son also benefited greatly from being treated by Sue, which helped the whole family. AS

I first came to see Sue Leach on the sudden and very unexpected loss of my husband. I had become very anxious and was generally feeling unwell. Although very sympathetic my GP’s only solution was to offer me anti-depressants and sleeping tablets which I did not want to take. Sue was an excellent listener and communicator and I felt very comfortable talking to her and able to shed many a tear without feeling awkward. Sue offered me a lot of help and support. Her remedies helped to relieve my anxieties and improved my sleep pattern. With Sue’s knowledge and understanding she enabled me to move on and face the challenges of my new life. In fact, I have now undergone some training and am helping to support recently bereaved people. Thank you, Sue, for everything.  JS

I visited Sue with my 8-year-old daughter a couple of years ago. During the discussion it became clear that the problem was more in-depth than any 10-minute discussion with a medical doctor could ever have discovered and that any physical implications were as a result of emotional distress. This also led to myself making an appointment. Both my daughter and I had homeopathic remedies; then just as an onion peels away layers, Sue changed the homeopathic remedy to accommodate the change in physical and emotional disorder. After a few short months we changed on so many levels that it was amazing for us to look back. The physical problems vanished and the clarity and insight into our own lives was dramatic.  I am extremely grateful to Sue for her knowledge and intuitive practice and will ALWAYS without fail turn to natural methods when anything is needed. Sue even treated cystitis with record speed and no drugs! CS

Sue has been my homeopath for several years and she has facilitated the process for me to explore and discover deep and sustaining solutions for my whole well-being in that time. She has helped me with emotional issues, period pain and general day-to-day complaints and would never be without my first aid kit. She has also significantly improved my friend’s allergy and hayfever issues. As a homeopath and as a person I find her to be remarkably compassionate,  rounded, humble and disciplined. She devotes a great deal of effort into studying issues that arise with both intelligence and intuition. She is always trying to explore new ideas and techniques, in order to better serve. CW

I started seeing Sue at Boldre Homeopathy a good 2-3 years ago, well established with depression and a long-term user of Prozac. From my first meeting, which I went to full of scepticism, left me exhausted with an enormous weight lifted from my mind, and from that day onward we tackled one thing at a time, to the point when I was off the anti-depressants and living a relatively normal life. It was a long haul, but we got there in the end. I still email/text Sue now and she gets me the remedies right away, some of which I’ve found help, others maybe not so much, but I do know that without her I’d still be taking Prozac, especially in the last few months when she’s got me through some tough times. I also took my daughter to see her for a few months to help with concentration at school. Again it took a while, trying different remedies, but actually we got there, and this year at school she is doing much better. I think, from experience, you have to take the “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” approach, because it does work, and my life without Sue would be very different. I think I actually love her! DP

I was blown away by your intuitive and incredibly accurate understanding of my emotional self and the remedies were not only a powerful part of my healing but they have made a significant and noticeable impact on my symptoms – I no longer suffer constipation! RF

Since becoming a “guinea pig” with Sue on her hayfever study in 2012 and this year, I must tell you that I am so pleased that my severe symptoms have been dramatically reduced. I have suffered from hayfever for all of my adult life and sometimes was so badly affected to the point that I used to feel ill. Sue and her homeopathy have been brilliant for me and I am coping with it through homeopathic remedies and not the standard antihistamines that I used to take. That is a terrific benefit. AB

I had suffered what was diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome since being a child. I heard about Sue through some people who had seen her previously so I decided to go. After only 3 sessions with her my stomach issues had gone and have not returned since. I have found Sue to be an insightful, integral, empathetic and extremely talented homeopath and have since referred many people her way. I continue to use her services for any issue I feel I would rather take a holistic and natural route to solve.  SD

I've been a PMT sufferer for 25 years. I've tried many different therapies, oils, supplements, diet etc in order to alleviate the symptoms but hadn't managed to get any success until I visited Sue Leach at her tranquil practice in Boldre. We discussed my symptoms at length and after a full consultation she proceeded to give me some remedies. I took these remedies religiously each day and quite quickly I felt relief from my symptoms. For the first 3 months I actually found myself unaware of the symptoms until the end of my cycle. I usually suffer these symptoms for 7-10 days before my period starts every month. I so wish I had found Sue Leach 25 years ago! PMT is very difficult to treat. We are all unique individuals with complex hormonal systems which often change depending on our stress levels, diet, environment etc. I am very impressed with the results so far and will definitely turn to homeopathy in the future for other ailments or emotional imbalances that occur in my life and would be more than happy to recommend Sue Leach as a practitioner. What a fantastic experience. I wish everyone would be open-minded to try homeopathy. RW

I visited Sue a couple of years ago with peri-menopausal symptoms and anxiety. She treated these symptoms which helped me enormously. She is very knowledgeable and has a lovely manner. I would always recommend trying homeopathy first and I frequently do. VM

My 3-year-old daughter had repeated earache and coughs since she was about 1. The GP continually gave us antibiotics – they cleared the infection up temporarily but about a week later we were back to square one with another bug or virus. Homeopathy and our homeopath Sue Leach helped us to break this awful cycle – and after about 3 sessions with Sue, and with our own home homeopathic first aid kit, my daughter now gets the odd cold which goes quickly and isn't subject to the misery of earache and recurrent coughs. I am eternally grateful for Sue's homeopathic help and advice. She was also brilliant with my daughter asking her about her symptoms and really getting to know her before delivering any remedies. My daughter still asks to go back but actually we haven't needed to. Many, many thanks, Sue.  AW

Sue has been a wonderful asset in providing help and support for my young son for the last couple of years. He has had a long history of upper respiratory tract infections, with some croup episodes and frequent earache, sore throats and tonsillitis. I don’t want to reach for antibiotics unnecessarily and the advice and remedies that Sue has provided have given me choices in how I care for him in these illnesses. He has responded well to homeopathy and I have seen a definite improvement in the frequency and quantity of these conditions. I am so pleased that Sue is a big part of our medicine cabinet. Parents need choices. FM

Sue provides us with excellent ongoing support for our two young children. Her homeopathic help and advice and remedies ensure that our children are strong, healthy and happy. I have always used homeopathy and it is my first point of call if anyone is run down, has a fever, has coughs or colds, injuries or accidents. When I was pregnant homeopathy was the only thing that made me feel less awful! HM

At the age of 3 my son started suffering from deafness, continuous runny nose and respiratory problems. As well as these symptoms he was beginning to suffer educationally and his behaviour was getting worse. We pursued conventional medicine for a cure and whilst we were waiting the 12 months for our appointment with the hearing specialist I decided to visit Sue Leach. Along with practical dietary advice (we cut out gluten) and homeopathic remedies, George was symptom-free in just three days. After a year (one of the worst of my life) I had my son back. What more can you ask! I use homeopathic remedies with all my three young children because they are safe and I can use them in conjunction with other medicines. Finding the right remedy for your symptoms is where a great and caring practitioner comes in. I have happily recommended Sue. Thank you, Sue – for your care and knowledge. HM

POLARITY MASSAGE by Jane Seaman Jane Seaman - polarity therapies

I've just had a polarity massage with Jane, and it was the best massage I have ever had (and I've had a few!). It was more than a massage – hard to explain but I felt like Jane intuitively knew what my body and mind needed and the additional techniques added an extra dimension to the experience. It's another level and I highly recommend it! SK, spa manager

Jane’s polarity massages go to depths no other massages go. Not only are they deeply relaxing and restorative, they give you mental and emotional clarity too. Jane reads both your body and your mind with her work, and you gain so much more from her massages than merely physical. They help me de-stress and put all my worries into perspective, bringing extra energy and joie de vivre. Jane is a highly skilled, empathetic and intuitive therapist. SJL

Sonja Gundry - sound therapy

SOUND BATHS by Sonja Gundry

Sonja’s sound baths are incredible. Just the ticket when I’m feeling frazzled and depleted. The beautiful sounds take you on a meditative journey so if your head is constantly whirring then these sessions help to still and calm the mind. But it’s the grounding vibrational energy that is pure joy. I feel totally relaxed and my qi has been rejuvenated. I sleep so peacefully afterwards and wake up feeling fresh and energised. I can’t wait for the next session.  RH

There is no experience quite like the sound bath. You are relaxed but at the same time you feel the sound energies running through you. Some feel powerful whilst others soothing. Would recommend everyone give it a try. HT

Being bathed by the vibrations of sound is such a great way to feel relaxed and re-charged and I have found the more you do it the better it gets! JD

Sonja’s gong baths are just the most relaxing experience you can have. The sounds of the gong takes you to a different place, almost meditative. CBS

I've been to a few other gong baths before I came to The Hub and Sonja's is definitely my favourite. It's utterly relaxing, in a way nothing else is, allowing me to stop my brain churning, and I always sleep better afterwards. But what makes it particularly special is Sonja's personal touch: she's so warm and friendly and just radiates healing. SJL

Sonja’s sound baths are absolutely brilliant. They are so very relaxing and really get you in the chilled-out and total bliss zone. I run yoga retreats and Sonja is a major feature on all my retreats, be it one day or a whole weekend,  and everyone has a fantastic experience!! I totally recommend coming along to The Natural Health Hub, which is a beautiful space and Sonja’s sound healing will definitely de-stress you. Sonja is a very welcoming sound therapist, who will answer your questions and explain what her magical therapy can do! SE

YOGA at The Hub 

Such a beautiful space and wonderful teacher. KH

I really enjoy Hannah's yoga at The Hub.  She is focused and calm and her classes are just the right pace. She is technically very skilled and readily adjusts you when the pose isn't quite right. She also picks wonderful music that creates the right mood. CB

What a fantasic place The Hub is, a real asset to Lymington – not just conveniently situated, it is a calm, quiet, peaceful haven for yoga. As a complete beginner I found larger classes at the busy leisure centre intimidating, whereas the small intimate groups with Hannah are wonderful both for the understanding and practice of yoga. Not to mention the relaxation part of the sessions, without the noise of children’s swim academy behind the glass partition. It’s a wonderfully calm, welcoming atmosphere where everyone can relax into their practice – no mirrors or judgment for us beginners! LF

Yoga at The Hub with Hannah has been a joy. She has a wonderful way in her teaching, you can tell it’s from the heart and as a result you get more than just yoga. Every time I visit The Hub Sue and her team are always on hand to give time, advice and kindness – a real joy. GCH 

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our yoga class at The Hub with Hannah who talked us both through every step of the class professionally and very clearly. TC

The Health Hub was a fantastic find for me. I attend Hannah’s hatha yoga classes and I absolutely love them!!  I was a complete beginner only dabbling in yoga beforehand. She made me feel completely at ease and unjudged, very easy to get on with. She's very chilled and will do her best to help you all individually, as she will go around the class and help correct everyone's posture one by one. Beginner to experienced, everyone is friendly and Hannah makes the class flow comfortably. The Health Hub is such a peaceful tranquil centre that you instantly feel the stresses of the day fade away as you walk through the front door. LL

I really value the yoga on offer at The Hub. The small classes mean it’s much more personal. You can ask the teachers if you’re unsure about a pose, and they come round and help you with small adjustments so you know you’re doing them correctly or that little bit better – it’s meant I’ve improved amazingly and can now do some of those positions that I’d seen in photos but thought I’d never be able to. Shelley is a warm, intuitive teacher and classes are encouraging and informal. You never feel judged, however difficult you find some poses – there is often spontaneous laughter as the classes are really bonding and fun. SJP

Yoga at The Hub - the perfect way to end a busy day at work.  With a max of eight students, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed with plenty of time for personal guidance and focus. So much better than large, noisy, impersonal halls.  Hannah’s style is welcoming and inclusive – I came as a 50+ complete novice and now it’s a part of the week I wouldn’t miss for anything. LH

The classes are small, friendly and personal.  I was very impressed with the way the yoga teacher adapted each movement for my medical condition. I came away feeling relaxed but re-energised – perfect! VG

I came to Hannah's class a complete novice to yoga at the age of 55. I was apprehensive, not sure if I'd keep up with everyone, but Hannah was able to reassure, gently cajole and give individual attention to make it fun but worthwhile. After six classes I was thoroughly enjoying the yoga and felt more energetic and supple. SJ

The evening yoga, by candlelight, is just lovely. I leave totally peaceful and at one with the world, however difficult my day has been. SL

The Hub is a beautifully quiet, calm space which surprised me given its location just behind the high street. Yoga is a big part of my life and when I moved to Lymington a short while ago my first priority was to find a studio. Hannah brings all the yogi elements together beautifully during her class. She encourages without judgment, inspires gratitude and kindness and holds a wonderful space for me. I couldn't have found a better home for my yoga. CN