Jane Seaman

Jane Seaman

Polarity therapy

I specialise in treating people for stress, anxiety, tension and pain.

I use a system called polarity therapy which works on the fact that there is such a thing called life energy – you may know this as prana or chi. Life energy forms the underlying matrix of our body, mind and emotions. This matrix of energy is created by opposing forces, rather like a magnet. It is the magnet of life energy that binds us together to form patterns that underpin our physical, mental and emotional experience in life.

So when our polarities of energy are disturbed, agitated or blocked stress, anxiety, tension, pain and illness can manifest. Polarity therapy works by releasing and balancing the polarities of energy that are stored within us. This means after a series of sessions you can feel calm, relaxed, balanced, uplifted, more comfortable in your body. You may also feel you are back in control of your life and be able to manage your relationships more effectively.

We live in a world of polar opposites: sun and moon, male and female, ebb and flow, anger and joy. In fact, life on this earth cannot exist without an opposite – there would simply be no movement between two aspects. The same poles of relationship operate in the body, mind and emotions.

In polarity therapy we view the body as an energy field and a matrix of patterns where the principles of polarity operate. Disturbed polarities will manifest as pain or problems anywhere in the body, illness, symptoms of anxiety, stress, exhaustion, perhaps a feeling of lost identity, your sense of self or lack of confidence – there are many symptoms that manifest when your energetic polarities are out of balance.

During a consultation, with you fully clothed lying on a couch, I work through specific gentle, hands-on body treatments to release life energy where the polarities have become disturbed. In addition, I may also work with you to balance the polarities that operate through your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, as well as review other aspects to ensure you get the best out of life.

My story

I came to polarity therapy due to my challenges growing up with a mother who suffered from bipolar (in those days called manic depression). I struggled through my youth being buffeted by those around, being afraid of life, not really knowing myself at all and suffering all kinds of physical pains. I wrote and published a book about this stage of my life, called Voyage through the Mist, and I am in the process of writing a follow-up.

Polarity therapy was introduced to me by a polarity therapy teacher at the Natural Health College where I was studying anatomy and physiology and massage. That was 19 years ago. The principle of polarity has underpinned everything I have done since. I have gone through my own journey of healing my body, mind and soul and believe that you can really shift your perspective, your health and life if you really want to. I have a special connection to the Hawaiian Islands which offered me a specific and detailed approach to my spiritual development. I offer a comprehensive method for personal health and life coaching.


Jane Seaman PTP, PTT, MNH



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