Clara Apollo

Clara Apollo

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I first became aware of energy work in the 1990s when searching for remedies for severe RSI, developed from years of costume designing. As an ex-registered nurse I have always been interested in getting to the root of health problems, not palliating symptoms. I was introduced to homeopathy, massage, reiki and cranial sacral therapy, each with positive results – but I was looking for something I could do for myself as and when required.

As a single mum I was run ragged so personal vitality was deeply interesting to me. After my first class of chi kung (qigong) I thought wow! The natural movement was a joy to express and easing into both sitting and standing meditation a revelation. After four years of training at The College of Elemental Chi Kung (CECK) in London I launched into holding chi kung classes, which buoyed me up to be a better mum and find inspiration in regaining a career. Soon I was covering classes for my teacher Ged Sumner, who set up CECK.

In 2000 I embarked on a teacher training course for the Adult Education network to bring chi kung to the New Forest. After running weekly classes for over 15 years in the New Forest District Council leisure centres and privately, I have for the past five years been holding Chi Kung Teacher Training programmes and now offer Practitioner Training. I am also a Reiki Master, have a diploma in nutrition and have training in colour psychology.

My training is ongoing, I am work in progress – aren’t we all?! Following this path I have learnt to make choices regarding my own energy supply and exploring my bad habits, like burning the candle at both ends and being over-optimistc with time management. I believe that this energy work takes you to the root of your being, flushing out anything that is not in alignment with the real you, bringing in a new, fresh vitality with which to animate your life.

Meditation is my core non-negotiable practice, chi kung is simply a moving meditation. With these underpinning my health I have been inspired to create a radio show, Chi Time, for the past five years, and taken on Conscious Living Events, organising healthy living and vitality workshops in Bournemouth.

I look forward to sharing with you some of the fruits of my experience and am sure you have things to share with me too.

Clara will be holding regular workshops at The Natural Health Hub including reiki refresher days, mindful movement & meditation, and self-care for busy women.

Chi Time Radio and Chi kung/qigong training

Conscious Living Events