Exploring stress

Three-quarters of us are suffering from ‘stress’ right now today. But what exactly does this mean? What is stress? What are your stresses, as opposed to other people’s? What’s stress like for you? Our NLP life coach Shelley Edwards asks you to take some time out, grab a pen and paper, then sit down to…

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why everyone needs a coach

‘Everyone needs a coach… We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.’ So said Bill Gates in a TED Talk in May 2013. And if the man who built the multimillion Microsoft empire swears by coaching, then who are we to argue! It’s not just athletes, celebs and executives who…

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Be at your best more often

The Hub’s NLP practitioner and life coach Shelley Edwards is all for living life to the full – and one of the key ingredients of that, she says, is the ability to be at your best more often. Of course you’re going to have your down days and times when you’re a bit under par,…

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