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Music to get in the zone

Music to get in the zone

July 5, 2020

So if you want to sit down and get in the zone, and maximise your memory, concentration and focus, what music is best to listen to…?

Bio yogurt containing probiotics

Is probiotic yogurt enough?

July 4, 2020

According to the adverts if you down a probiotic yogurt every day your gut will put a smile on your face. But is it true that these yogurts really do contain enough of the good bacteria we need to maintain a healthy microbiome and immune system?   It would be lovely, wouldn’t it, that a…

The treehouse meditation to take you to a place where you always feel safe and at ease

The treehouse meditation with Shelley Edwards

July 3, 2020

On the eve of Super Saturday you may well feel drawn to this treehouse meditation from our NLP life coach and yoga instructor Shelley Edwards…

Eat all the colours of the rainbow in your diet over a week

Eating the rainbow

July 2, 2020

Though the country is at last seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with infections rates tumbling, it’s still crucial that we all look after ourselves and keep on top of our health, doing all we can to eat well. The secret to maximising your intake of nutrients, says Sue Leach, is to…

Stay mindful while you drink a cup of tea

Our 31-day challenge to stay mindful

July 1, 2020

We’re in for a weird and possibility unsettling time this month as restaurants and hairdressers reopen, and we adjust and inch back to normality. So we’re offering you something to sustain you throughout July. Follow our 31-day mindfulness challenge… if you are mindful you will stay calm, grounded, focused and together…      

Aconite: post-lockdown calmer

Aconite: a post-lockdown calmer

July 1, 2020

Aconite is a homeopathic remedy so many of us need right now! Homeopath Sue Leach offers 10 reasons why you might consider taking it…

Supermarkets' demands on fruit and veg growers means we all need to take food supplements

Why food supplements are important

June 30, 2020

We often hear people saying they eat a healthy diet so why on earth would they need to take food supplements? Well, here’s the reason: the fruit and veg we eat today delivers a fraction of the nutrients of the stuff our grandparents ate. You’d have to eat eight oranges nowadays to derive the same…

meditating on the colour yellow

Meditating on the colour yellow

June 29, 2020

Find a quiet space, make yourself comfy and light a candle for the fourth in Jane Seaman’s guided meditations for beginners. This time Jane’s focus is meditating on the colour yellow.  

Serena Williams' giving birth video

Birth explained by Serena Williams

June 28, 2020

So what do a ping pong ball, a balloon and giving birth have in common? Not a lot, you would have thought. But watch this video from our hypnobirthing expert Serena Williams, explaining the powerful process of giving birth, and all is revealed… The body knows what to do!

The power of crystal healing

The power of crystal healing

June 27, 2020

Rebecca Marr is passionate about crystals. She explains how they can be a powerful force in your life in recalibrating your personal energy, and she offers a few tips on choosing the right crystal for you…