Exploring stress

Start 2019 as you mean to go on: stressing less! We’re pooling the team’s expertise at The Hub to bring you the ultimate stress workshop.

If life is a juggling act, impossible to keep all those balls in the air, so much to give you anxiety and sleepless nights… If you often feel rushed, overwhelmed and short of time or find it impossible to relax and switch off… and especially if 2018 was a shocker for you and you’re determined to ride stress better this year, then this is perfect for you. We can’t take away your stresses, but we can certainly enable you to deal with them better and give you tools to achieve a frame of mind that lightens the load.

Our stress workshop is a fact-filled one-day course with just loads of advice, support, tips and practical techniques on coping with the inevitable stresses in life. In one short afternoon you could make your life a whole lot happier and healthier! Included in our stress workshop package are:

  • Learn how stress affects our energy and seriously compromises our health
  • Nutritional advice: could you be deficient in a vital nutrient that’s making you feel more stressed and anxious? Could your diet be affecting your ability to cope with stress? Which foods help and which should be avoided?
  • Breathing and other relaxation techniques
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness techniques to cut the brain chunter, prioritise and diffuse feelings of overload
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements to calm body and mind
  • Ways to improve sleep
  • Techniques to balance your emotional state and leave you feel more energised
  • How to lie down and get your body to go aaaah!

You’ll be getting advice and support from five members of The Hub team in a small group. That means there’s lots of chance to share and find solutions for common problems, and you can go away with a full range of different tools to deal with your particular stressors – plus you’ll have got to know therapists who you can call on after the stress workshop should you need ongoing support…

  • our mindfulness expert Annie Davison
  • polarity therapist Jane Seaman
  • naturopathic nutritionist Rhi Hepple
  • yoga and yogic relaxation teacher Hannah Bimpson
  • and owner of The Hub Sue Leach

All this… plus surprise offers in store for everyone who attends!

Dates: Saturday 26 January 2019, 2-5pm

Cost: £75, including free informative fact sheets


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