Woman doing yoga on the beach with the word namaste written in the sand at her feet

Pleased to tell you that come September we will have yoga for you first thing at The Hub five days a week! We’ve got three new yoga instructors joining our successful team, so there’s some serious yogic peace at your disposal to set you up for the day ahead. From fitness yoga for those who want to combine a workout with yogic serenity, to dynamic vinyasa for those who crave yogic relaxation after an exhilarating flowing class, to women’s nurturing yoga… which is just as it suggests, a gentle and spiritual ‘sanctuary’ for women only. Namaste for joining us on the mat!


Cathy Rose women's nurturing yoga teacherWomen’s nurturing yoga Cathy Rose’s blissful start to the morning of deep relaxation and soul nourishment. This women-only class explores various forms of meditation, breath work and gentle, flowing yoga postures to leave you feeling deeply relaxed, soft and open. Cathy brings her experience of shamanic healing and facilitating women’s circles, along with years of teaching yoga from a soul-centred perspective. This class will appeal to those seeking a sanctuary-like space to relax, heal and reconnect to their own divine feminine energy.

When: Fridays 9-10am, starting 6 September

Catherine Brennan fitness yoga teacherFitness yoga A mixed-level Saturday morning class with Catherine Brennan to set you up in a great frame of mind for the weekend. The emphasis is not just about fitness and peace of mind, but about balance, co-ordination and posture. Integrating movement, breathing and mental focus, it improves physical and mental health as well as spiritual awareness.

When: Saturdays 9-10am, starting 7 September

Vinyasa yoga with Varvara DranidisVinyasa yoga Varvara Dranidis’s dynamic vinyasa yoga is a beautiful mix of strengthening but also softening and releasing asanas(poses) to encourage you to let go. Incorporating breath work (pranayama), alignment, mindfulness and challenges for focus and fun… As Varvara is also a qualified massage therapist she always finishes savasana (relaxation) with a deeply soothing head and neck adjust to relax you further.

When: Wednesdays 9-10am, starting 11 September


AND DON’T FORGET the popular existing members of our yoga team…

Hannah Bimpson

Offering hatha yoga 9-10am and 5.45pm on Mondays and 5.45pm and 7pm on Wednesdays

Plus yogic relaxation once a month


Clare Collins - vinyasa yogaClare Collins

Offering vinyasa yoga 8.30-9.30am on Tuesdays




Zoe Porter, ashtanga yogaZoë Porter

Offering ashtanga yoga 7-8pm on Mondays

Plus ashtanga for beginners

To book your class simply click on the timetable and choose your day. All classes are £10 (just pay your teacher as you arrive!). Come start the day the yoga way at The Natural Health Hub…



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