Smoothies with substance

Ah yes, here we go again – days spent hovering around the food cupboard, mindlessly eating every time we make a cup of coffee. Well, not this time: take control of bingeing and take the hassle out of deciding what to eat for two meals a day at the same time. We’re offering a new service: smoothies with substance for breakfast and lunch two days a week, created by our holistic nutritionist Nikki Robertson and delivered to your door

Smoothies with substanceLet’s be clear, this isn’t a diet and it’s not designed to help you lose weight – but if that’s a side-effect then most of us will be happy with that. It’s a way for you to consciously look at your eating habits, try something new and give your digestive system a bit of a break while getting all the immune-boosting ingredients you need into your system. These are not juices, but smoothies with substance – we leave in the fibre and include ground nuts and seeds so the smoothies are not supposed to be drunk like milkshake. Including the fibre and nuts means you need to chew, which is better for your digestion, plus you’ll feel fuller for longer.

With our plan you have one smoothie for breakfast and one for lunch and just eat your dinner as normal in the evening (aim for whole foods). You will probably find you actually want to eat less in the evening as you haven’t stretched your stomach through the day.

Why do this plan?

These smoothies are full of ingredients that benefit your immune system – particularly vitamins A, C and E, the minerals zinc and selenium, PLUS they have protein and essential fatty acids (EFAs) from the nuts, seeds, hemp and spirulina (NOTE: they do not of course contain Vitamin D, which we recommend you take right now as a supplement). This is important to make sure you don’t spend the days feeling hungry and still get the nutrients you need.

It just feels good to give your digestive system a break. Did you know some beneficial intestinal bacteria only thrive when there’s no food in the gut? This is why it’s important to leave a gap between meals. We need stomach acid to help break down the foods we eat, so overeating means there is less acid to work effectively.

Your choices

  1. Order our two-day smoothie programme as a one-off delivered to your door any Sunday through lockdown.
  2. Sign up to a 4-week programme with two smoothie days per week, following a similar regime to Michael Mosely’s 5:2 diet (of two days’ fasting each week)
  3. Make our smoothies yourself at home following Nikki’s recipes.


General info

  • All recipes are per person, making smoothies of approximately 330ml.
  • All smoothies include a NUT AND SEED MIX, which should be blended separately. To make: grind 20g each of: almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts (or 10g hemp protein). Makes 80g.
  • Water can be added if your mixture is too thick to drink.
  • Delivered frozen. Once defrosted should be drunk within 48 hours and kept in fridge.


Day 1

Breakfast: per person

·       20g oats

·       60g oat milk

·       100g banana (1 smallish)

·       50g blueberries

·       20g nut & seed mix

·       Good pinch cinnamon

·       50ml water, more if required



Lunch: per person

·       2 apples

·       handful kale

·       1in cucumber

·       juice half lime

·       ½ avocado

·       150ml water, more if required

·       1 tsp spirulina

·       20g nut & seed mix


Day 2

Breakfast: per person

·       2 oranges

·       1 carrots

·       1/2 mango

·       1tbsp grated ginger (around in)

·       Pinch turmeric and cayenne and salt (to taste, you can leave this out if you want)

·       20g nut & seed mix



Lunch: per person

·       1 beetroot (peeled)

·       2 small apples (or pears if you prefer)

·       handful kale

·       20g nut & seed mix

·       juice half lime

·       ½ avocado

·       1tsp honey



£24.99 for 2 days (4 smoothies with substance), delivered to your door frozen on Sundays. £19.99 if you order 4 weeks’s worth of smoothies. To order simply email us at [email protected]


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